First Council of Nicaea

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the first ecumenical council in 325 which produced the wording of the Nicene Creed and condemned the heresy of Arianism


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However, Erasmus considered it a fourth-century creed, produced at the first council of Nicaea.
Having consulted several sources, the Wikipedia article on the First Council of Nicaea reports that the Roman Emperor Constantine had invited all 1, 800 bishops of the Christian church, but a lesser and unknown number attended.
This about 700-year-old Ethiopian national epic and founding text of the Rastafarian religion contains an imaginary debate by the 318 orthodox fathers of the First Council of Nicaea.
Such a practice would have been recognized as being in direct violation of the teaching of the First Council of Nicaea in 325, the council that defined the divinity of Jesus Christ and gave us the Nicene Creed.
The current Gregorian ecclesiastical rules trace back to the first council of Nicaea, convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine.
According to the canon law recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church in the medieval period, a council of bishops was to appoint bishops (as established in the fourth canon of the First Council of Nicaea and reaffirmed in the third canon of the Second Council of Nicaea).
Indeed, the First Council of Nicaea in 325 explicitly forbade such transfers, and it was not until 882 that someone was elected as Bishop of Rome who was already the bishop of another diocese.
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