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emergency care given before regular medical aid can be obtained

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His dad Michael and fellow first aiders Gette Fulton and Kayleigh Frew also helped the injured.
I would like to thank the first aider and a fellow passenger who both left the train to look after us at Flint station.
First aiders must have a valid first aid certificate and all parties' involvement is subject to DBS and CRB checks.
You never know when you need a qualified first aider, so by visiting www.
Thinking fast, the hospital care worker, who helped set up the city's St John Cymru Cycle Response Unit last year, got an office first aider to carry out CPR while he set up a defibrillator and administered electric shocks to restart Tim's heart.
He collapsed immediately and the first aiders and stretcher bearers rushed on to the park.
Hero: Booth, d ld' Mr Dunn said: "That's why our aim is to have a first aider in every home in Wales.
But Evie's dad Steven says it was unacceptable that no first aider was on hand - and wants reassurance from Butlins it won't happen again at its resorts.
THE wife of the Bishop of Durham is heading to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to work as a first aider.
Keith Dunn, St John Wales' chief executive, said: "We hope people across Wales will join our volunteers in becoming superheroes for the day and give money to help us fulfil our vision to have a first aider on every street in Wales.
Some 17% didn't know who the first aider is in their workplace.
They included a first aider who was passing by, a lady who provided her jacket for a pillow and several other passers-by, all willing to help.
His voluntary work as a first aider has included shifts at North Wales Theatre, but he has saved a drowning man.
The three-hour annual course by St John Ambulance provides first aiders with an opportunity to practise and update their skills during their three year period as a qualified first aider.
Now the schoolboy is to receive the St John Ambulance Young First Aider of the Year Award, which rewards young people who have used first aid skills to save a life or help an injured person in a real emergency.
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