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(computer science) coded instructions that are stored permanently in read-only memory

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According to Kronos, the SECUDE system offers a secure software encryption capability and integration with the Seagate Momentus FDE hard drive enables encryption at the firmware level.
With Thinklogical's line of VX routers, the customer can maintain Information Assurance between multiple networks, and restrict access through prioritization and partitioning schemes at the firmware level, which cannot be remotely accessed.
Changes or modifications to a device driver can be deployed to devices in the field much more easily than fixes at the controller firmware level.
According to the agreement, ZTEWelink will provide Octo with professional UBI hardware which is based on high modularity and scalability both at Hardware and Firmware level.
Drill down to individual RAID Controller info: firmware level, utilization, even cache memory battery backup health
Hitachi LPAR provides server virtualization at the firmware level with very low performance overhead.
Phoenix is also leading the industry with its ability to provide master boot record authentication at the firmware level, which will prevent tampering of the operating system or the hard disk.