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a British unit of capacity equal to 9 imperial gallons

a small wooden keg

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The relationship between Firkins and St Basils began last year when the company approached St Basils about getting involved.
The annual Pro's Challenge saw the host club's Firkins shoot a gross 76 with the promise that he would buy a drink for any member whose net score proved lower.
Victoria Wilson, representing the company at a tribunal in Birmingham, said the firm was among a number of companies, including Firkins, that operated as a group and "shared resources".
Mr Bolderston said: "All the hard work we have been putting in this last year has seen us make enormous progress in taking Firkins forward to make it a major contender within the marketplace.
Company description: Founders Food & Firkins may sound like a 19th century grocer in a Charles Dickens yarn, but the company actually operates Granite City Food & Brewery(TM), a casual dining restaurant with an on-site brewery, in St.
But Firkins subsequently opened new stores, including Harborne and Bearwood.
Mr Bolderston said: "The Firkins name is big in the Midlands.
We've joined forces with Firkins Bakery to offer every reader a delicious Cheese & Onion or Cheese & Tomato crusty cob completely FREE - that's a massive saving of pounds 1.
Firkins, which has 54 outlets throughout the region, was bought by Midlands operation Wol-laston Bakery for an undisclosed sum.
The doctor's worst fears were realised last Friday when he was hauled out of a cubicle in the gents at Firkins bar in Falkirk and beaten up by two thugs.
FIRKINS the Bakers are toasting the opening of a brand new shop in Harborne High Street.
Robert Firkins (33) was also ordered to serve 26 years concurrently for a number of other serious offences to which he pleaded guilty.
The company thought Firkins would suit my personality, and after gaining experience in two of their pubs during my training, I knew it was right for me.
Firkins only paid 16-year-old Thomas Smith the pounds 108 he was owed after the Birmingham Mail stepped in.
Beowolf sells just over 1,500 gallons of ale per week, usually in the form of 166 firkins, which is equal to slightly more than 40 barrels.