Guy Fawkes Night

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effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned on this night

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Each show differs and we were treated to some observations on the Pride of Britain awards on opening night to set the ball rolling, and tales of fireworks night in the Kay household as a child.
On fireworks night, Worcester provided more than its share of them.
LONDON, December 3 /PRNewswire/ -- A survey of veterinary practices conducted by the UK's leading cat welfare charity indicates fireworks pose almost as big a danger to cats during Christmas and New Year as they do on Fireworks Night.
Fireworks night is tomorrow and I am really not sure how the wee man will handle it.
Alan Mackie, from Hereford and Worcester Fire Service, yesterday described the incident as "like fireworks night come early" but said nobody had been injured.
Promotions like Maria Sharapova bobblehead night, giant tennis-ball giveaway and fireworks night helped bring in the fans after the seeded players were out.
I am an older person and enjoyed fireworks night a great deal when I was younger and do not want to appear to be a killjoy.
Johnson said: "Parents and event organisers have a responsibility for ensuring young people have a safe fireworks night.
Ffrindiau Bodedern: Fireworks night at The Crown on Friday, November 6 at 6.
the celebrations early at the Hopetoun Bonfire & Fireworks Night.
LORDSTONES COUNTRY PARK, CARLTON BANK, NEAR STOKESLEY: Wednesday, November 5 The Lordstones Bonfire and Fireworks Night will include a fireworks display, bonfire and barbecue.
Levein, sacked on fireworks night after a dismal start to Scotland's World Cup qualifying campaign, provides a sparkler in the PS160,000 BAGS Track Championship Grand Final in the shape of Beaufield Belle.
Some of these storylines, it seems, have ended up being binned, so when the postponed programme is eventually aired - now intended on Monday's Fireworks Night - an element of comfort can be taken.
Nine out of 10 dog owners say they alter their routine during the November celebrations around fireworks night and during Diwali to try to minimise the trauma on petrified pooches.