Guy Fawkes Night

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effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned on this night

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Tomorrow St Cuthbert's Hospice Family Fireworks Night, Framwellgate School, Durham's public fireworks display promises its most dazzling spectacle yet plus even more children's fairground rides as well as hot drinks.
St Cuthbert's Hospice's inaugural Family Fireworks Night - the first such event in Durham City for four years - set as a record with 3,500 people attending Framwellgate School last weekend.
Fireworks night, as many people know, was created after a failed plot by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament and to kill King James I.
Or "How come fireworks night now takes place for two weeks either side of the actual night?
A much-loved tradition dating back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, Fireworks night has become one of the most highly anticipated family events of the calendar, with specially organised events taking place all across the UK.
I have learned that for the British, the big fireworks night is in November.
IT was fireworks night last week and there might be fireworks again if Teresa Cahill ever bumps into Crayford handler Paul Tompsett, who in Thursday's Dog Day Afternoons said his ambition was to have a voice louder than her.
FIREWORKS night is next Saturday and checking out www.
On fireworks night, Worcester provided more than its share of them.
The study based its results on a test with British dogs during the annual (November 5) Bonfire Night (also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Cracker Night and Fireworks Night around the U.
And now a rugby club in Devon is going even further, by planning the country's first on-screen 'virtual' fireworks night.
Promotions like Maria Sharapova bobblehead night, giant tennis-ball giveaway and fireworks night helped bring in the fans after the seeded players were out.
I am an older person and enjoyed fireworks night a great deal when I was younger and do not want to appear to be a killjoy.
Johnson said: "Parents and event organisers have a responsibility for ensuring young people have a safe fireworks night.