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the ceremony of walking barefoot over hot stones or a bed of embers

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What makes firewalking possible is that the charcoal's thermal conductivity, or ability to transfer heat, is very low, Willey explains.
Hollyoaks: It's the day of Lee's firewalking event.
the kinesthetic immersion in high-risk challenges like firewalking, bungie-jumping, or parachuting, or in survival of a dangerous or threatening traumatic encounter
Essentially the unique icons in Fiji are firewalking and Fiji Water .
Bernard Leikind is a physicist known among skeptics for his investigation and explanation of firewalking.
More than that, Scott Bell, a twotime firewalking world record holder, was not only training me to do it - but reassuring me it would not be painful AT ALL.
Le icone che danzano: transe, musica e firewalking negli Anastenaria greci all'epoca del postmoderno.
Ouija, Firewalking, and Other Gibberish" is an expose on many of the paranormal scams that are promoted by today's modern con men or perhaps only misinformed people.
He provides scientific explanations for how some tricks, such as bending silverware and firewalking, actually work, and details scientifically grounded alternative explanations for others, such as kung fu feats of strength.
Indeed Jane Gaines' comments on Lonely Boy certainly call to mind the ethnographer Rouch: "There is something in Lonely Boy that is reminiscent of the incredulity of the traditional anthropologist studying the other-cultural phenomenon of scarification rituals or firewalking, with the difference here the subject is nothing more than scream ing, love-struck teenagers, ordinary girls-next-door.
We then went to the Temple of the Tooth Relic (of Buddha), which has an amazing history, and also witnessed a lovely cultural dance performance which ended brilliantly with an awesome demonstration of firewalking.
Community fundraiser David Wilde, who will be taking part in the firewalk, said: "Anyone who wants to take part in the firewalk must attend a seminar, which explains the how, why and the what if of firewalking.
A MAN suffered burns to his feet when a drunken party prank ended with revellers giving firewalking a try.
Firewalking and Religious Healing: The Anastenaria of Greece and the American Firewalking Movement.