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a weapon consisting of a ship carrying explosives that is set adrift to destroy enemy ships

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FIRESHIP canblowtheoppositionoutofthewaterinthe Duralock FencingHandicapat SandownonFriday .
The one available fireship, the Vulcan, was anchored across the line of French men-of-war, its cannon double-shotted to achieve maximum effect.
For example, Pine's engraving, English Fireships Dislodging the Spanish Fleet before Calais, shows the inhabitants of Calais disporting themselves as if by day; 'But we now know the fireships went in at midnight', Oakshett points out.
Talks going nowhere, Mansel tried to send in fireships, but this proved useless, as the wind shifted.
Equally as daft, Raleigh is seen commanding the fireships that partly destroy the Spanish fleet when in fact he was on shore.