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Synonyms for arson


Synonyms for arson

malicious burning to destroy property

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But reports of fireraising in the Dunbartonshire town plummeted to just two in 2012/13 after the Sharkeys' killers were arrested and remanded.
But jailing him, Sheriff Annalla Cowan said: "Wilful fireraising is simply not acceptable.
It involves a two-step process whereby a person suspected of fireraising will be given a yellow card.
The jury took less than 90 minutes to find Hoggan guilty by majority of endangering the men's lives by wilful fireraising with malice aforethought.
Few guests at the extravagant three–day celebration at Airth Castle near Falkirk knew of his twisted but lucrative sideline in drug dealing, intimidation and insurance fraud through fireraising.
Offences such as vandalism and street crimes - including assaults, robberies and fireraising were wrongly labelled.
Before his release, Cumberland had been due to stand trial at the High Court in Glasgow last September on charges of assault, wilful fireraising and possession of a knife
A TEENAGER has been charged with wilful fireraising after two police cars were set alight in Edinburgh.
Craig, who admitted wilful fireraising, escaped jail yesterday after Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard of his "ludicrous expedition".
He pulled out a razor and slashed his throat while he stood in the dock during his trial for fireraising.
At the High Court in Aberdeen yesterday, Michel Flammand admitted malicious damage and fireraising and factory owner and fellow Frenchman Pascal Carrier admitted conspiracy to defraud.
The man arrived at Merchiston after pleading guilty to fireraising charges at Dumbarton Sheriff Court.
Robert Jennings was asked why he said he hoped the person who did it was caught on the afternoon of July 24, 2011, when police did not know it was a case of fireraising until later that day.