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an upright hydrant for drawing water to use in fighting a fire

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However, most actions were simply not designed to feed with cartridges shaped like fireplugs.
Built like feathery fireplugs, the stocky little bird s stand all of 8 1/2 inches tall.
Or the real estate biz, from belvederes, fireplugs, power poles, and septic tanks to furnace warranties, sticker shock, and "locked, float-down mortgage rates.
Each subject was presented with pictures of mundane objects, such as bookcases and fireplugs, and of objects expected to evoke strong emotions, such as guns, gravestones, corpses and electric chairs.
The 1-3/4 inch hose utilizes a 1-1/2 inch NPSH brass coupling so it will connect with existing 1-1/2 inch hoses, vari-nozzles, fireplugs, wye-gate valves, and reducer couplings.