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shelf that projects from wall above fireplace

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Omega Mantels wants to draw the spotlight to all of our cast stone products," says Maria Vinas, online marketing specialist of Omega Mantels, "We've always been known to create luxurious fireplace mantels and surrounds—and it's still our bestseller—hence, Omega is not just about creating fireplaces.
Your neighbors who are remodeling probably will be thrilled that you want to take that old bathtub, shower door or fireplace mantel off their hands.
I picked a nice, warm sunny day to remove the fireplace mantel and strip it outside.
One bedroom, 1-bath, 850 s/f co-op with antique fireplace mantel dating back to the 1800's which was inherited from previous owners, wood flooring throughout, foyer.
Before her ride to Holden Hills Country Club yesterday morning for the final round of this year's championship, last year's winner Chris Coughlin, leading by one shot, took the trophy down from her fireplace mantel and placed it in her car.
Cedar harvested from property the Baileys own elsewhere in Mississippi was brought in for the ceiling beams and fireplace mantel.
The crew spent five minutes deciding what to put on a fireplace mantel, finally settling on a wicker basket.
Taking his cue from the traditional style of the house and furnishings, he lavishes bountiful festoons and garlands of cut fir, pine, and other natural woodland offerings on every tabletop, fireplace mantel, and stair banister.
In fact, he put a dent in the fireplace mantel - either with an errant backswing or a misguided chip shot.
Draped gracefully across a fireplace mantel or over a front door, swags of greens and berries announce the holidays with color and fragrance.
When it comes to decoration, Poly deco mesh can be used to decorate almost everything such as fireplace mantel, doorway, table centrepiece, mailboxes, light poles, Christmas Trees etc.
It's hanging in his home over his fireplace mantel," Mr.
Here, the children's stockings hang from a fireplace mantel topped by intermingled boughs of fresh pine, cedar, and blue spruce and flanked by holly topiaries.
However, after a night filled with delays in getting stages changed for the next performers, one was left with the feeling of waking up Christmas morning and finding that stocking on the fireplace mantel filled with coal.
We drew our inspiration from a print that we love," says Margaret, pointing to a serene seascape over the fireplace mantel that depicts a pair of white Adirondack chairs on a deck overlooking a blue expanse of water.