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Synonyms for fireman

play in which children pretend to put out a fire

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a laborer who tends fires (as on a coal-fired train or steamship)

a pitcher who does not start the game

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He paid his obligations to engineers and firemen as he believed they deserved, and only his bank knows what he gave the crews who had sympathised with him.
There was a pause--then an advance all together of the firemen and the police which blocked up the doorway--then a consultation in low voices--and then two men were detached from the rest, and sent out of the churchyard through the crowd.
There being now a great many parties in the streets, each went to work according to its humour, and a dozen houses were quickly blazing, including those of Sir John Fielding and two other justices, and four in Holborn--one of the greatest thoroughfares in London--which were all burning at the same time, and burned until they went out of themselves, for the people cut the engine hose, and would not suffer the firemen to play upon the flames.
He took some bread and meat; and as he drank a draught of beer, heard the firemen, who were from London, talking about the murder.
Those fleet messengers require the Analytical to see that their hats are deposited where they can be laid hold of at an instant's notice; and they dine (remarkably well though) with the air of firemen in charge of an engine, expecting intelligence of some tremendous conflagration.
I WOULD like to thank you on behalf of all firemen for giving our case some room.
I condemn the cowardly and shameful terrorist attack on firemen in Budaiya.
Hundreds of firemen fought the blaze for more than three hours and managed to save the rest of the cathedral, including the central tower.
Here it should be noted that Tebeau opts to give firemen more agency than most scholars have done in the transformation of volunteer into paid fire departments; his argumentation is unpersuasive to this reader.
THERE REALLY haven't been that many movies about firemen.
Firemen dealt with a spate of car arsons over the last 48 hours.
The MPs award themselves a 41 per cent rise, have three months holiday, most firemen have to work on their rest days to make ends meet.
But then Mr Blair knows perfectly well - as do we - that firemen have always been prepared to accept a whole lot less than 40 per cent.
Mel Foster has the perfect voice to convey a sense of dispassion mingled with deep feeling as he reads this horrific story about the firemen from Engine 40, Ladder 35 and the shocking aftermath of the events of 9/11.
Two firemen and a police officer called to a house blaze were shot dead last night in the latest gun outrage to hit the United States.