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Synonyms for firefly

tropical American click beetle having bright luminous spots

nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs

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Visitors to the "GLOW Living Lights" science exhibit enter a dark and mysterious gallery to explore nature's bio-luminescence and discover the variety of creatures that 'Glow', including Fireflies AKA Lightning Bugs.
Do blinking fireflies light up summer evenings where you live?
Some fireflies there have the most exactly timed group behavior among animals.
Fireflies are soft-shelled beetles, and there are about 40 varieties in New England.
I love the vivid flowers, the brilliant sunsets, and, perhaps most amazing of all, the bright flashes of fireflies dancing in the night.
Not long ago, fireflies were a common sight for Japanese children; in recent times, however, they have become a rarity, especially in the cities.
Fireflies - artificial ones, anyway - can now be found in Southern California.
LOS ANGELES, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- There is a new kind of moving light in the sky besides fireworks this summer that is perfectly safe and completely new -- Creativations Fireflies, firefly-like lights that dance in the night, eliciting, oohs ahhs and sighs from guests, neighbors and viewers.
Every June, the garden becomes home to numerous fireflies - an extremely rare occurrence in the center of Tokyo.
Amy's Light" is a beautiful children's picture book about an amazing discovery of fireflies and their light by a little girl was previously afraid of the dark.
A dark tree spangled with fireflies adorned the cover of the Aug.
educational institution, has a new royalty generator - the stuff that makes fireflies glow.
After female Photuris fireflies ate Photinus males offered to them in the laboratory, their blood registered significant amounts of lucibufagins, steroids similar to the venom of Bufo toads.
Firefly Light Sculpture is a collection of eight seven-foot-long balsa wood fireflies that will hang inside the 150-foot tower of Liberty Science Center.