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Synonyms for firebrand

Synonyms for firebrand

a piece of wood that has been burned or is burning


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She was appalled by what she had done in bringing this firebrand before her blessed Philomath Club.
The Danes, fierce and lawless, carrying sword and firebrand wherever they passed, leaving death and ruin in their track, surged over the land.
For a few minutes after the black hurled the firebrand no eyes appeared, though Tarzan could hear the soft padding of feet all about him.
When this lone guardian saw that Numa was again approaching, he threw another firebrand, and, as before, Numa retreated and with him Sabor, the lioness; but not so far, this time, nor for so long.
In order to maintain authority in her school, it became necessary to remove this rebel, this monster, this serpent, this firebrand; and hearing about this time that Sir Pitt Crawley's family was in want of a governess, she actually recommended Miss Sharp for the situation, firebrand and serpent as she was.
Upon this, plucking up my courage, I took up a firebrand, and in I rushed again, with the stick flaming in my hand: I had not gone three steps in before I was almost as frightened as before; for I heard a very loud sigh, like that of a man in some pain, and it was followed by a broken noise, as of words half expressed, and then a deep sigh again.
One of the three, cursing and raging, told them they should see they were not in jest; and going to a little place at a distance, where the honest men had made a fire to dress their victuals, he takes a firebrand, and claps it to the outside of their hut, and set it on fire: indeed, it would have been all burned down in a few minutes if one of the two had not run to the fellow, thrust him away, and trod the fire out with his feet, and that not without some difficulty too.
It was a vital game for both sides, Firebrands coming off the back of two successive defeats and Whitchurch with just one point from their opening two matches.
Evans scored two more in the 4-2 defeat of Firebrands.
MEN'S WEST: Bournville, Cardiff, Exeter University, Firebrands, Guildford, Old Georgians, Stourport, Team Bath Buccaneers, University of Birmingham, Whitchurch.
In the West of England and South Wales League, Whitchurch struck their best form of the season with an 8-3 defeat of Firebrands A in Premier Two.
From the highest point, they will hurl their firebrands out over the sea.
Sunderland were made to work hard for the three points in an end-to-end game against struggling Firebrands in the National Women's League Division One, writes Stuart Rayner.
The film's release has already kindled anew the firebrands of concern about what is fact, what is fiction, what is history, and what is fantasy in this story.
Richard Sutton's follow-up goal from a corner earned Oxton three points in a 1-0 North Premier Division win at City of York and they put up determined resistance against National League Firebrands before losing 3-1 in a fourth round cup tie.