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a boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront

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DND spokesman Evan Koronewski noted the request about the tugs and fireboats is for information only at this point.
A column of boiling black smoke rose hundreds of feet over the Gulf of Mexico as fireboats shot streams of water at the blaze.
A column of boiling black smoke rose hundreds of metres over the Gulf of Mexico as fireboats shot streams of water at the blaze.
For several days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, firefighters in New York City relied on two half-century-old fireboats for urgently needed water, as downtown water mains had been severed.
The first firefighters and fireboats were on the scene 11 minutes later, but by then the fire was already raging out of control.
For the garden on our barge was none other than the famed Unguentine Gardens which have been watered in celebration of fireboats of all the ports of call that have them, for more than thirty years.
Constantinople's harbor was in disrepair, and the fabled Byzantine navy, whose fireboats once set entire enemy fleets ablaze with the mysterious concoction known as "Greek fire," was virtually nonexistent.
The ship was surrounded by tugboats, USACE harbor workboats, United States Coast Guard cutters, New York City police boats and fireboats, and a flock of helicopters.
81) In Workman, the Supreme Court held that New York City could be municipally liable in an in personam admiralty suit arising from a collision between one of its fireboats and a private vessel.
For the second consecutive year, more than $4,000 was raised to help the department with the maintenance and operation of its fireboats on Beaver Lake.
The hometown of one of the nation's largest container ports will begin refitting one of its fireboats in order to upgrade its ability to protect the homeland.
Under sunny skies, the Lincoln approached with fireboats blasting jets of water into the air and antique warplanes buzzing low overhead.
The Yokohama fire department deployed about 45 chemical fire engines and other fire engines plus some fireboats and helicopters to fight the blaze at the tank, one of 38 run by Daitoh, before extinguishing it three hours and 30 minutes later.
More than 40 fire engines and fireboats were involved in fighting the blaze on Tuesday, and Coast Guard patrol vessels were also on hand.