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a boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront

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The numbers are impressive: With a total of ten monitors, each of the two identical fireboats is able to throw more than 40,000 gallons of water per minute.
For several days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, firefighters in New York City relied on two half-century-old fireboats for urgently needed water, as downtown water mains had been severed.
The ship was surrounded by tugboats, USACE harbor workboats, United States Coast Guard cutters, New York City police boats and fireboats, and a flock of helicopters.
For the second consecutive year, more than $4,000 was raised to help the department with the maintenance and operation of its fireboats on Beaver Lake.
The city of Long Beach has pulled out all the stops by arranging for fireboats and a flotilla of ships, yachts and boats to be in the harbor, as well organizing a squadron of skytypers who will create a series of messages throughout the historic occasion.
The hometown of one of the nation's largest container ports will begin refitting one of its fireboats in order to upgrade its ability to protect the homeland.
Our members also serve on tugs, cruise ships, fireboats, Great Lakes vessels and in various capacities in the shoreside industries.
Under sunny skies, the Lincoln approached with fireboats blasting jets of water into the air and antique warplanes buzzing low overhead.
The Yokohama fire department deployed about 45 chemical fire engines and other fire engines plus some fireboats and helicopters to fight the blaze at the tank, one of 38 run by Daitoh, before extinguishing it three hours and 30 minutes later.
More than 40 fire engines and fireboats were involved in fighting the blaze on Tuesday, and Coast Guard patrol vessels were also on hand.
With fireboats spraying plumes of water in welcome 22 Navy ships and more than 6,000 Sailors and Marines sailed into New York Harbor May 22, 2002, as Fleet Week began in a city under a fresh warning of terrorism.
In response, a bevy of fireboats docked at the western sea wall of Manhattan island within hours, furiously pumping seawater to land.
As the Labrador's helicopters roared overhead, ships' horns blared, fireboats loosed columns of water, and a great cheer went up from the crowds lining the jetties.
The water pumped aboard the burning ship by New York City fireboats and harbor tugs, estimated at 800,000 gallons, caused the ship to roll over onto her port side.