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Synonyms for firebird

the male is bright red with black wings and tail

tropical American flycatcher found as far north as southern Texas and Arizona

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The Firebirds with Johnny Mac and Chris King will be performing at Zante, Limassol on July 14.
At Firebirds, we named our series Beyond the Grill and released one video per month over a seven-month period.
Indeed, this new Firebird has an Asian outlook with a story transported from Russia to Asia.
And while you're here, why not join the Massachusetts Firebirds car club?
Picking up three for 27 on my T20 debut for the Firebirds was pleasing and Jessie Ryder's 75 from 25 balls was a pleasure to watch.
Firebirds consisting of three members who took to the stage, performing acrobatic movements in addition to their juggling of fire and hoops.
This a great opportunity for me and I'm really looking forward to joining up with Jeets and the rest of the Firebirds squad," said Woakes.
The league is growing rapidly and ownership is changing," says Joe Hennessy, general manager of the Firebirds.
The Firebird requires no complicated cooling, intake, exhaust, ignition, or hydraulic systems, its designers say.
Firebirds offers a seasonal cocktail program and a robust wine list, which includes private-label wines.
Firebirds artistic director Kathi Leahy said: "This production is based on an old Russian tale of good conquering evil.
It will be the Avengers fans' first look at new defensive specialist Cornelius Coe, who led the team with six tackles against the Firebirds.
Additional companies currently in final negotiations include Nike, Yard House Restaurant and Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill.
After losing three consecutive games at one point, the Firebirds have regrouped to split their past four despite a sputtering offense that's averaging just 35.
Hodgkiss, who had been the offensive coordinator of the Firebirds since 1997, is a head coach for the first time.