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omnivorous ant of tropical and subtropical America that can inflict a painful sting

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These might represent specializations of the group that reflect feeding habits different from the fireants.
Gateway's newest addition to its Solo product line, the Solo 3100 - code named FireAnt - is ideal for a highly mobile field force or an executive.
com; Dan Winders, Fireant Technology & Communication; and Daryl Woodard, WTI.
Source: Gateway(tm) FireAnt Study (with Opinion Research Corporation International), November 1998
Gateway today announced the new Solo(R) 3100 - code named FireAnt - the world's lightest portable PC with integrated DVD.
Digital smart card signing on Gateway FireAnt makes world history
0- 1) Organic Solutions Multi-Purpose FireAnt Killer EPA Registration No.
He teaches part time at the University of Wyoming and, with the Fireants, plays Cajun/ Creole and Latin American dance