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naval radar that controls the delivery of fire on a military target

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The commander of the frigate directed the fire-control radar based on its rules of engagement without seeking direction from the fleet command or navy headquarters.
Features added to the aircraft include new fire-control radar and a radio frequency interferometer, which assists in target identification.
Besides fire-control radar for the F-l6 and F-22 fighters and the Longbow Apache helicopter, the company's Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector also has produced 460 air traffic control systems for 12 different countries.
The development of EMPAR demonstrates the strength of Alenia Marconi Systems in delivering naval fire-control radar systems," said Jay Bertelli, president and chief executive officer of Mercury Computer Systems.
About JLENS JLENS consists of an integrated surveillance and fire-control radar on two tethered, 74-meter aerostats, which fly at altitudes of 10,000 feet above sea level and remain aloft and operational for 30 days.
By directing fire-control radar, the side activating it can determine a target's distance, direction, speed and altitude, among other things, and weapons linked to the radar can be fired immediately, according to the Japanese Defense Ministry.
An early-warning radar turns around repeatedly, while a fire-control radar keeps pointing to a moving ship that it targets at," Onodera said.
Onodera told reporters on Tuesday that something like fire-control radar was directed at a Japan Self-Defence Maritime escort ship in the sea.
The JLENS integrated fire-control radar and 360-degree surveillance radar already gives the warfighter the capability to detect and engage surface and airborne threats like swarming boats and anti-ship cruise missiles," said Dave Gulla, vice president of Global Integrated Sensors for Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems business.