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Synonyms for fire-eater

a belligerent grouch

a performer who pretends to swallow fire

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is spreading at a he has now got including was was now He is fire-eaters, a and and Mannone an an th"Lots of people keep asking how long has he got to live?
On the eve of the ceremony, Brand entertained them with a fortune-telling parrot, a black cobra, Bollywood dancers and fire-eaters.
And it was so raucous - the bash - which included fire-eaters, drag acts from the original Wow club and butlers in the buff - lasted for an outrageous two nights.
Guests were entertained by two fire-eaters and a string quartet from three Shropshire schools against the wooded backdrop of the Sansaw Estate, illuminated for the occasion in Carter Jonas' new livery.
The Funkytown club launch will feature a champagne reception for the first 200 guests, fire-eaters, free CDs and entertainment also includes RUMBAH TRIBE with live sax, percussion and guitar.
STILT-walkers, jugglers and fire-eaters want to show you what they can do.
In Llandudno a 1920s steam carousel, fire-eaters, escapologists and stilt-walkers helped to create a vintage experience.
He was, Kauffman reports, a "fine if not outstanding president," mainly because as a "Peace Whig" he opposed the Mexican War, the proposed annexation of Cuba, and the fire-eaters on both sides who eventually produced the bloody convulsion of the Civil War.
In Fanatics and Fire-Eaters, Ratner and Teeter posit "the media of the mid-nineteenth century played a role in determining both the perception and the course of the events" leading to the Civil War.
Initially shot in 1968 as a British TV special that never aired, this good-natured romp hosted by Mick, Keef and pals is of interest to Stones fans for readings of ``Beggars Banquet''-era classics ``Salt of the Earth,'' ``No Expectations'' and ``Parachute Woman,'' amid acrobats and fire-eaters.
As well as fire-eaters and a great light show, the line-up includes DJs Lisa Littlewood, Huggy, Stevie Sole Middleton, Ken Fan and Otis F.
She alone could find truth among the collections of freaks, Siamese twins, bearded ladies, and fire-eaters.
Albeit in very different ways, both of these books make substantial contributions to the renewed effort to understand the mind of the Old South and its defense of slavery, Eugene Genovese through a brief but wide-ranging study of southern slaveholders' attitudes toward freedom and progress, and Eric Walther with a carefully nuanced account of nine of the Old South's leading fire-eaters and their emphatic prosouthern, proslavery, prosecession thought.
Cirque du Soleil was founded in Baie-Saint-Paul, a small town near Quebec City, by a band of colorful street performers - stilt-walkers, jugglers, fire-eaters and musicians.