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Synonyms for fire-eater

a belligerent grouch

a performer who pretends to swallow fire

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At every fiery exhalation he was chuckling and a-chuntering, as if he'd never before seen a troupe of skimpily-dressed fire-eaters patrolling deep midwicket at an international cricket match.
The source added that the venue is all ready for him, with clowns, goblins, aerial acts and some fire-eaters.
It will feature fire-eaters, aerial acts, the burlesque angle grinders, freak shows, magicians, drummers, jugglers, acrobats and many other acts.
The event will feature everything from Northumbrian pipers to fire-eaters to keep the family entertained.
In Marrakesh you'll have a city orientation tour with the chance to explore the Medina and Djemaa el Fna Square, home to the market by day, and to storytellers, performers, musicians and fire-eaters by night.
On the eve of the ceremony, Brand entertained them with a fortune-telling parrot, a black cobra, Bollywood dancers and fire-eaters.
And it was so raucous - the bash - which included fire-eaters, drag acts from the original Wow club and butlers in the buff - lasted for an outrageous two nights.
Guests were entertained by two fire-eaters and a string quartet from three Shropshire schools against the wooded backdrop of the Sansaw Estate, illuminated for the occasion in Carter Jonas' new livery.
The Funkytown club launch will feature a champagne reception for the first 200 guests, fire-eaters, free CDs and entertainment also includes RUMBAH TRIBE with live sax, percussion and guitar.
STILT-walkers, jugglers and fire-eaters want to show you what they can do.
In Llandudno a 1920s steam carousel, fire-eaters, escapologists and stilt-walkers helped to create a vintage experience.
Although an interesting take on the coming of the Civil War, Fanatics and Fire-Eaters suffers from multiple problems.
Initially shot in 1968 as a British TV special that never aired, this good-natured romp hosted by Mick, Keef and pals is of interest to Stones fans for readings of ``Beggars Banquet''-era classics ``Salt of the Earth,'' ``No Expectations'' and ``Parachute Woman,'' amid acrobats and fire-eaters.
As well as fire-eaters and a great light show, the line-up includes DJs Lisa Littlewood, Huggy, Stevie Sole Middleton, Ken Fan and Otis F.
Andersen Press Bronze: Two Frogs by Chris Wormell Jonathan Cape Age 6-8 Gold: Varjak Paw by SF Said David Fickling Silver: The Last Castaways by Harry Horse Puffin Bronze: The Countess's Calamity by Sally Gardner Bloomsbury Kids' Clubs Network Special Award The Countess's Calamity by Sally Gardner Bloomsbury Age 9-11 Gold: The Fire-Eaters by David Almond Hodder Silver: Montmorency by Eleanor Updale Scholastic Bronze: The Various by Steve Augarde David Fickling