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(colloquial) the application of maximum thrust

(computing) a security system consisting of a combination of hardware and software that limits the exposure of a computer or computer network to attack from crackers

a fireproof (or fire-resistant) wall designed to prevent the spread of fire through a building or a vehicle

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According to comments featured in the NFPA 232--November 2002 Report on Comments (ROC), fire wall proponents indicate that these walls will give firefighters and fire suppression systems ample time to combat fires, decreasing the likelihood of countless records being destroyed by fire.
The asbestos fire wall is in excellent condition and poses no risk to staff or customers.
Plus, we are planning on adding features of antivirus and fire wall in Magican future updates.
Mech-Tool Engineering, of Darlington, will supply stainless steel external fire wall cladding for a new living quarters platform for BP Norge AS, as part of the Norwegians' Valhall Oil Field re-development.
WHEN LAUSD officials were confronted with data that raise concerns about a possible conflict of interest involving the firm that provides the district with political advice, they responded by saying they have a fire wall in place to prevent wrongdoing.
Under New York code, exit stairs can be back-to-back if there's a fire wall in between.
Far from an Old World throwback, the presence and use of these objects, traditions, and practices could be even more important in today's overly secular world--creating a sort of fire wall for our faith, a visible and spiritual tap on the shoulder to wake us up to who we are in a world where it can be very, very easy to forget our identity as Catholics.
Even in many of the best houses, there is an unstated, and equally unscalable, fire wall between the marketing and editorial departments.
Historically, our Constitution has proven to be a durable fire wall against tyranny and terror.
Examine "Wtmp" files, history logs, message logs, the "syslog" fire wall logs, router logs, and proxy server logs.
Typically designed for employees or business partners, these private inhouse Websites use the same protocols and browsers as the Internet, but are protected from the rest of the world by a fire wall.
In blessing the use of public funds for religious schools, the Wisconsin Supreme Court smashed a gaping hole in the fire wall that's supposed to separate church and state in America," the newspaper said.
The fire wall regulations were introduced when banks were allowed to enter the securities industry by establishing brokerage subsidiaries.
But the repairs were assigned a lower priority as there was one functional fire wall, which fulfilled the statutory safety requirement.
She said a strict fire wall is in place to keep lobbying efforts in Sacramento and LAUSD separate.