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a narrow field that has been cleared to check the spread of a prairie fire or forest fire


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Bear in mind that 59 years ago, California was a far, far different place than it has since become, therefore making it not unusual for a young fellow to be easing along the fire road with a laminated bow and a quiver loaded with arrows.
The wide fire road begins at the back of the observatory parking lot, and the hike to the mountain summit is 2 1/4 miles each way.
Eugene real estate broker Darin Gorham had hoped to plat as many as six new residential lots on about 34 acres by Fire Road, which runs south off Siuslaw Road about two miles west of Lorane.
The battle over the attempted rezoning of the Siuslaw flood plain at the end of Fire Road is drawing to a close.
The City is requiring replacement of all valves and pipelines to the storage tanks, a new fire road, removal of telephone and electrical wires, and the relocation of a small residential area at a cost of over two million RMB.
Invitation to tender: construction, craft and installation works on the reconstruction of the kaocimaintenance of existing forest fire road
Hiker and area resident Jim Cohan walks his dogs, Max and True, up a fire road on land near the corner of Edmore Place and Olivia Terrace.
The Eugene real estate broker originally bought three parcels totaling 31 acres at the end of Fire Road, partitioned a couple of existing homesites and reconfigured property lines and then went to the county with plans to divide the property into six home sites.
And without waiting for an answer, he opens the throttle and up we ride through a high pasture and into the late-fall woods along a rough fire road he had built himself, switching back and forth along the slope to make the grade.
Contract awarded for East geumam geumam 1 6 4 locations outside fire road asphalt road paving
LORANE - In the legal wrestling match over a backwoods valley surrounding isolated Fire Road, Norm Maxwell appears to have an upper hand after being awarded a reversal late last year by the state Court of Appeals.
Auto-sports enthusiasts can watch professional rally drivers race in the Rim of the World Rally twice today at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds or at a ``spectator stage'' on a dirt fire road in the Angeles National Forest.
The Fire Road Defense League defeated the combined forces of Lane County's Land Management Division/developer complex at Oregon's Court of Appeals.
Tenders are invited for Fire road rehabilitation work lines
Fire Road 7, drug/narcotics violations; information given to officer for suspicious looking activity.