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Huber Corporation, has acquired the Satire[TM] nitrogen and phosphorus halogen-free fire retardant technology from Floridienne Group and Catena Additives (a subsidiary of Floridienne).
A mixture containing a resinous type of fire retardant and low-molecular-weight phenol-formaldehyde resin was used to treat Ussuri poplar in order to achieve the desired fire retardancy (Li et al.
One study found that spraying fire retardants in some cases decreased plant species diversity, as weedier species better adapted to make use of excess nitrogen in the soil tended to thrive while native species were not able to compete.
Our complete fire retardant product lines should compete favorably with other competitors because Flameret's[TM] fire retardants are highly effective and non-toxic.
While ATH remains a key focus of our strategy, we have an even more robust portfolio of other fire retardant offerings that demonstrates our commitment to the industry and our customers," says Jerry Bertram, vice president and general manager of HEM's Industrial Minerals business, "so we updated the name to capture the essence of the business and where it's going for future growth.
Recently Elk announced the availability of VersaShield II, a cotton-based fire retardant fabric, expanding the VersaShield line into other consumer markets where comfort cannot be compromised, such as upholstery and bed clothing.
Manufacturers make some polymers fire retardant by adding metal oxide hydrates, compounds that release water at high temperatures.
Superfine melamine crystal is a non-toxic, environmentally safe fire retardant suitable for use in a wide range of foams and other materials.
A new phosphate salt is an efficient fire retardant for polyolefins, and red phosphorus/phenolic combinations are effective in high-temperature polymers.
Enhanced Emphasis on Cost-effective Halogen-free Fire Retardant Chemicals Crucial for Continued Growth
Organized by Vincentz Network, the conference will focus on such topics as halogen-free retardants for textiles, intumescent coatings for protection of steel structures, clay-polymer thin films for imparting flame retardant behavior to foam and textiles, and toxic and environmental hazards of fire retardant coatings.
Although chemical agents that contain phosphorus and nitrogen are widely used to make fire-retardant wood, there are few results of cone calorimeter tests to show the relationship between impregnated quantity of fire retardant and its performance.
Charred plant life reached out like blackened skeletons from the steep mountainsides as scientists took inventory of the job ahead - preventing landslides and flooding and cleaning hot pink fire retardant from the fragile Bouquet Creek and the winding narrow road that follows it.
Company's Superfine melamine crystal is a nontoxic, environmentally safe fire retardant suitable for use in a wide range of plastic foams and other materials.