fire hydrant

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an upright hydrant for drawing water to use in fighting a fire


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Doggy Tug is available at upscale boutiques, hotels, groomers, pet spas and doggy day cares across the country, including Carter's Pet Depot, Fire Plug Grooming, Rosewood Crescent Hotel, and Selmer's Pet Land.
com)-- An innovative new twist on an often used consumer electronics accessory, the Fire Plugs, has been developed by Steven Pennington of Clarksville, Tennessee.
Potential problems ranged from hose connections, fire plugs, water pressure and supply.
They block driveways, park in red zones, park next to fire plugs and double-park.
Instead, we bombed stop signs and fire plugs, while people danced in the streets.
He is a master of detail, down to arranging for fire plugs to be painted a sympathetic colour, but is also a big picture person.