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any of various large trucks that carry firemen and equipment to the site of a fire

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Pyrogen's Australian Manager, Dr Julia Berezovsky said the project was a very exciting development which had the potential to significantly extend Pyrogen's capabilities in the fire fighting industry.
The Universal Systems foam fire fighting and fire protection systems are designed as an effective solution to prevent the spread of catastrophic forest fires as an addition to the fire-fighting arsenal presently used by municipal, state and federal fire fighting services.
The IR camera is designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that are developing systems to serve the fire fighting, surveillance, unattended sensors, unmanned vehicles, machine vision, robotics, process monitoring and thermography markets.
The adjacent 35,000 SF field house will contain the latest in fire fighting technology, including structural fire fighting simulators.
The collective aim: to decrease the devastation to people and property wrought by fire and simultaneously trim the taxpayer's fire fighting bill.
Jafza-based National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO (NAFFCO), the largest fire-fighting equipment manufacturer in the Middle East, is expected to maintain the previous year's impressive annual growth in 2009, despite global economic downturns.
Jafza-based National Fire Fighting Manufacturing (Naffco), the largest fire-fighting equipment manufacturer in the Middle East, will double its production capacity with the launch of a new manufacturing facility.
ABATLEYfirmsupplying fire fighting equipment is blazing ahead with orders extending to December next year.
The official hand over ceremony of fire fighting equipment to the value of around US$5.
The Navy's largest fire fighting school was officially renamed in memory of Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Handling) Gerald W.
On 29 January 2005, the 406th Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment, 89th Regional Readiness Command, received the first M1142 Tactical Fire Fighting Truck (TFFT).
Western is an advanced fire fighting technology and terrorism defense contractor with offices in Casa Grande, Arizona and Washington, D.
NFPA 600 breaks fire brigades down into four categories: (1) those that perform incipient fire fighting, (2) those that perform advanced exterior fire fighting only, (3) those that perform interior structural fire fighting only, and (4) those that perform both advanced exterior and interior structural fire fighting.
Weatherly Aircraft Company (OTC:WACF), the manufacturer of leading cost-efficient, safe and reliable aerial application aircraft since 1961 for agricultural spraying and fire fighting applications, announced today that a shareholder has filed a complaint in Sacramento County Superior Court on October 7, 2005 which attempts to seek certain action from the Company, management and directors.
Tenders are invited for Inspections, Testing, Maintenance, Certification And Repairs For Fire Fighting Systems For Cook County Department Of Facilities Management