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a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires

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The Uw Madison Is Responsible For Buying New Fire Extinguishers And Replacing Existing Fire Extinguishers As Needed, And Ensuring That Existing Extinguishers Are Serviced As Required By Law.
It seems that Provincial and Capital Transport authorities had no concern for inspection - the installation of fire extinguishers and other safety measures in public transport vehicles that are necessary for safety of the passengers.
However, the types of cylinders used for fire extinguishers in the Middle East are different from the cylinders used in a fire extinguisher for European countries, for example.
The department has urged people to attend the event and pledged to give out free personal use car fire extinguishers to those who can prove that they have taken the campaign's important lesson to heart.
HOW TO USE IT: Almost all fire extinguishers have a safety pin in the handle.
Protection policy manager Pete Whittaker said: "We do not want to encourage people to leave their flat to fetch a fire extinguisher from a hallway and then return to a blaze.
The biggest challenge to the effectiveness of fire extinguishers on campus was their standalone nature, says Halligan.
Other risk reduction and prevention steps include having portable fire extinguishers in the dining hall/kitchen.
If this option is chosen, the foundry isn't required by OSHA to maintain portable fire extinguishers or any other type of fire suppression equipment in the facility.
In addition, through its emerging markets program, Travelers is participating in several fire safety programs across the country to provide free smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in low- to moderate-income communities.
The stringent regulations and practices enforced by safety authorities demand a certain number fire extinguishers to be present in residential buildings, commercial building, industrial facilities and even automobiles, thereby driving the market growth.
ISLAMABAD -- ,,, The public transport, plying on different routes of the Capital, apparently has no care about the safety of passengers as there had been no safety measures including installation of fire extinguishers.
Under its "Your Safety Is Our Goal" campaign, the Abu Dhabi Police have also launched an advertising campaign urging residents to install fire extinguishers in their vehicles to avoid fines starting September 1 of this year.