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a stairway (often on the outside of a building) that permits exit in the case of fire or other emergency


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Major-General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director of the Dubai Civil Defence, on Monday said the main challenge faced by firefighters while battling fires in high-rises is the obstruction of fire exits.
Kirklees magistrates heard that frightened guests had to turn back after they found fire exits blocked.
Officers found that a first-floor fire exit was locked and obstructed by mattresses and extinguishers, that alarms and emergency lighting were faulty and that fire safety equipment was badly maintained.
Prosecutor Joseph Hart said every fire exit had been nailed or chained shut, or blocked with beds.
At Dhaka's 18-storey Dragon Sweater factory - which produces knitwear for Primark - inspectors found a locked fire exit and loose pieces of concrete they warned could fall into the street.
They will be carrying out checks including the availability of fire extinguishers and fire alarm points and also that fire exits haven't been blocked off or compromised by large amounts of Christmas stock.
A report by the Tyne and Wear Fire Service revealed a the building did not have easily accessible fire exits or sufficient escape routes and there were a number of construction defects - such as holes in the flooring, walls and ceiling - which could "potentially allow for rapid vertical spread of fire.
At the Assos Hotel, there are fire exits on the first and fourth floors, and there are fire extinguishers on every floor but they are concealed.
The roof had missing slates which allowed water to run in, creating mould, and poor fire exits giving occupants little or no chance of escape in the event of a fire.
Yards away at identical Marie Curie House, The People saw signs warning against leaving binbags in the fire exits because they were used by yobs to start fires.
Some of the safety measures include requiring new buildings, both residential and commercial, to have appropriate and easily accessible fire exits, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.
They found fire exits blocked and that the only fire extinguisher on the premises was past its expiry date.
Providing fire exits for over 1000 employees, the towers have been clad with 1250[m.
During the fiscal year 2002-03, the City Attorney's Office filed 336 cases against owners for violations ranging from blocked fire exits to vermin infestation, versus the previous fiscal year, in which there were 132 cases, said Eric Moses, a spokesman for the City Attorney's Office.
The "Great White" fire in Rhode Island earlier this year was a horror--killing nearly 100 people when rock fans were trapped inside a burning building with too few fire exits.