emergency exit

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a stairway (often on the outside of a building) that permits exit in the case of fire or other emergency


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Kirklees magistrates heard that frightened guests had to turn back after they found fire exits blocked.
Detective Constable Gareth Phillips said: "This could have been a major incident because of the number of people in the club and the fact a fire exit was targeted.
Such a measure should include, a minimum of two such lifts located in or adjacent to the fire exit stair cores; ability to stop at every floor and to pickup handicap employees at refuge landings; and important machine room upgrades.
Of course the fire code still requires a fire-exit sign above the door if it's a fire exit, which calls attention to it, but this approach might help somewhat.
The 11 infractions noted then included a defective fire alarm system, lack of a self-closing fire door at the main stairs, the absence of an automatic fire suppression system, obstructed route to the fire exit and lack of smoke or heat detectors.
This space is empty but for more rat bait and a few newspaper piles beneath the red bulb of a fire exit (a blind exit, built by Gober; there is no exit from the hell of our society).
to make the complete changeover to UL 924 compliant, high performance, photoluminescent fire EXIT signs.
Officers found that a first-floor fire exit was locked and obstructed by mattresses and extinguishers, that alarms and emergency lighting were faulty and that fire safety equipment was badly maintained.
At Dhaka's 18-storey Dragon Sweater factory - which produces knitwear for Penneys - inspectors found a locked fire exit and loose pieces of concrete they warned could fall into the street.
There was one manually operated fire alarm, and one fire exit was permanently locked at Medusa in Stockport, Greater Manchester, magistrates heard.
It was that bad the bus had to stop as the fire exit had been broken from the outside.
A number of issues were discovered as a result of these visits, including glasses being used outside one pub when the licence requires polycarbonate versions, a hammer and other potential weapons being left within customer's reach, a locked fire exit and lack of fire risk assessments.
LOS ANGELES, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- One year ago, main line Philadelphia resident Christopher Finlan hadn't even started to write his debut novel, Not A Fire Exit.
It spread to the roof of the building and burned through the rear fire exit door, setting off alarms inside.