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The Country Fire Service has advised residents living near areas prone to bushfires to leave early in case of catastrophic fire danger.
In addition to water tenders and patrols, a five-engine strike team was assigned to the area because of the increased fire danger.
March 19-25 is Wildfire Prevention Week in Pennsylvania and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Michael DiBerardinis said it's important that people be more vigilant than normal during the coming months because fire dangers will be greater.
The park is open again after recent rains, but dry conditions remain and fire danger is still high.
One has to think four-dimensionally when it comes to evaluating the extreme fire danger that lurks in many of the country's forests: individual tree species, elevation, weather, and social attitudes.
Survey facilities for combustibles in contact with ignition sources with awareness that fire danger is greatest shortly after an earthquake
In Santa Clarita, yet another red-flag warning has been issued, indicating severe fire danger through tonight.
The result is extreme fire danger at the popular county park 10 miles south of Eugene.
Willamette Industries today announced the re-opening of its forestland statewide for foot traffic, following a week of cool, wet weather that has reduced fire danger in western Oregon.
At the same time they were concerned that although tree removal might mitigate the summer fire danger, it might also result in more severe winter flooding.
Los Angeles firefighters and community volunteers patrolled the local foothills Thursday as strong Santa Ana winds and low humidity created critical fire danger.
Fire season officially began June 9 in the state's forests, where the fire danger and fuel levels are as high now as they typically are in late July, said Ken Ockfen, protection unit forester with the Western Lane District of the state Department of Forestry.
Seventy-eight percent of California homeowners living in identified fire danger areas believe that it is "somewhat" or "very" unlikely their home will be damaged or destroyed by a wildfire, according to a survey released today by the California Fire Safe Council and Allstate Insurance Company.
Because of the high fire danger, campfires and charcoal barbecue fires are now prohibited in the areas of the Los Padres that are open, except within facilities managed by concessionaires.
The Willamette National Forest moved back to a "high" fire danger status and Industrial Fire Precaution Level III effective at 12:01 a.