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a narrow field that has been cleared to check the spread of a prairie fire or forest fire


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Consumers desiring to purchase an "Individual refill" of the Fire Break will receive: (1) 12 lb.
In addition to offering the Fire Break kit, and Fire Break refill, ECOB plans to offer evacuation safety tips, and detailed fire management instructions packaged within each unit.
April 28: A fire breaks out in a 20-storey floor residential building, one of the two blocks of Al Hafeet residential tower in Al Twun area of Sharjah
The first in what is hoped to be many fire breaks was tested on the hillsides of Merthyr's Gurnosestate in a bid to halt the arson attacks that summer usually brings.
Los Padres officials say they could close their territory if a major fire breaks out and draws off personnel, or if Santa Ana winds kick up badly.
Close shave for 15 infants as fire breaks out at Safdarjung Hospital's nursery
RELATED ARTICLES: Fire breaks out on Downtown Dubai site | Austrian fire safety firm wins $168m Saudi order | Update: Fire breaks out in Tamweel Tower in JLT
If a fire breaks out on a day with little to no winds, firefighters have greater chances of putting it out quickly.