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Synonyms for firebomb

a bomb that is designed to start fires

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attack with incendiary bombs

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As police dismantled some of the barricades on the perimeter of the square and tried to push away the protesters, they fought back with rocks, bats and fire bombs.
Foaz Ahmed allegedly began making threatening calls to Alisha's home to intimidate Abdul, before snapping and ordering the fire bomb attack.
An eight-year old girl who was engulfed in flames in a fire bomb attack on a Birmingham clothes store has been honoured for her bravery at this year's Pride of Britain Awards.
Metropolitan Police are expected to discuss the fire bomb with Leeds-based detectives who have arrested 15 people in Leeds, Manchester and Spain in connection with an alleged pounds 100million drugs and money laundering racket.
There was also a fire bomb attack on Quinn's communications network.
Saboteurs attacked Al-Diraz Intermediate School for Girls, hurling a fire bomb at the courtyard.
Mark Wall QC, prosecuting, said Ahmed recruited Ali and Tuzzio to fire bomb Alisha's home because her brother, Abdul, was having a relationship with his 16-year-old sister Meheran.
Pro-communist protesters shout slogans against Parliament, in front of Athens's Parliament building A riot police officer is engulfed in flames from a fire bomb thrown by protesters
Council leader Alex Watson described the fire bomb attack as "an act of terrorism".
The informants reportedly said Paul prepared the gasoline/diesel fuel mixture used in the attack, helped place one fire bomb, and then served as a lookout while others placed two other fire bombs.
Yesterday hundreds of shoppers were evacuated from Dunne's Stores in Belfast city centre after a fire bomb was discovered at the flagship store in High Street.
Security has been increased around the British Embassy in Tehran after a fire bomb was hurled at the compound on Friday.
Shaied Iqbal, was given eight life sentences at Leeds Crown Court after earlier being found guilty of murdering eight people at a family home during a grudge fire bomb attack in Huddersfield last year.
A MAN remained critically ill in hospital today after being shot twice when police foiled a fire bomb attack in Belfast city centre.
The crude fire bomb missed the police station alongside the local officer's family house but damaged a parked police car.