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Synonyms for fireball

an especially luminous meteor (sometimes exploding)


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a highly energetic and indefatigable person

a ball of fire (such as the sun or a ball-shaped discharge of lightning)

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the luminous center of a nuclear explosion

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Fire Ball Weekend 2006 ignites on Friday, August 11, 2006 with the invitation-only VIP reception, followed by the Fashion on Campus Martius event, featuring the clothing lines of House of Dereon and Ryan Kenny; completed with a sexy afterglow.
Players can use Jalapenos as they can cause him damage before he throws the ice or fire ball.
The Fire Ball is something that we knew a lot of people would be looking forward to.
It was like a huge red fire ball that just kept getting brighter and brighter.
In the first incident, a bomb was planted in oil tanker parked in the Wazir Dand area which burst and resulting a huge fire ball when the oil caught fire.
They look like a little magenta fire ball dropping out of the sky," Clark says.
Different vendors had gasoline and propane tanks--as they passed by one of the vendors, an IED went off and according to the vehicle behind them their vehicle was completely engulfed by a giant fire ball.
There will be a fire ball in Ituri and we will all be held accountable throughout history for this.
He said: "I believe it took no more than five seconds before the fire ball hit the centre of the plane between the two wings.
Immediately after SSgt Harris saw the flash of light, a large fire ball emerged from the wheel well and quickly vanished.
He had a long revolver or rifle in his possession, and he suddenly began to fire ball cartridges with the weapon.
TWO steeplejacks plunged 30 metres to their deaths after they were engulfed in a fire ball so ferocious it melted steel support cables, Preston Crown Court heard.
I don't think any of us will ever forget the sight of a jet airliner seeming to glide almost serenely into the World Trade Center's second tower and the resulting fire ball that erupted upon impact.
The speed, force, intensity and the shock and awe of the resultant fire ball, has left an impact on us all, and I am sure that everyone has learnt some valuable lessons about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a real fire.