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omnivorous ant of tropical and subtropical America that can inflict a painful sting

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Florida residents struggling to control fire ants should review the deal available only at Angie's List.
As we ve seen in the United States fire ants have the potential to destroy our outdoor lifestyle if left unchecked, Minister Byrne said.
The primary objective of this note is to report the long-term efficacy of using a liver and sugar water diet to rear fire ants.
However, these frogs could be fair game for many aggressive, predacious ant species in Central and South America, such as fire ants.
This detox trick could help explain why these crazy ants can vanquish the red imported fire ants Solenopsis invicta, which have been spreading across the southern United States since they invaded more than 70 years ago.
Ants are not only a nuisance: carpenter ants can be a threat to homes and structures, pharaoh ants can transmit diseases and fire ants can be harmful if a person is allergic to their painful stings.
According to the research, areas infested with the so-called crazy ants contain few, if any, fire ants.
If you aren't sure exactly what bit you each time, you might consider asking your health practitioner about a blood test for allergic sensitivity to fire ants called fire ant IgE.
Checking traps every 3 h instead of every 24 h did not reduce mortality of captured animals that was caused by fire ants (Masser and Grant, 1986).
Although we describe the use of fire ants here, the nests of any ant species that constructs mounds in soil can be used.
Effects of fire ants (Hyemenoptera: Formicidae) on hatching turtles and prevalence of fire ants on sea turtle nesting beaches in Florida.
COUNTRYSIDE: This is a reply to Ruth Phegley from Louisiana on fire ants.
Fire ants give off a wide range of different chemicals, and Fadamino and his team wanted to know which of these chemicals attracted the flies.
It looked like there were a bunch of fire ants," said Choi.
If your facility is located in one of the 19 southern states where fire ants are established, you are all too familiar with these little pests that pack a dangerous punch, especially to those with weakened immune systems.