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Synonyms for fire alarm

a shout or bell to warn that fire has broken out

an alarm that is tripped off by fire or smoke

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Hazard: A defective fusible link sensor (fuse) on the fire alarm can cause the alarm to fail to alert consumers of a fire.
Among the other top five sites were Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, with 139 false fire alarms, and 74 each at City Hospital and Russells Hall.
Among the other top five sites were Forth Valley Royal Hospital, with 133 false fire alarms, and the Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, with 92.
Unisys Corporation today announced it has been awarded a contract to manage and maintain the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) national automatic fire alarm messaging system, delivering this critical service to the country's citizens under a new as-a-service model.
The company in charge of fire-ravaged Dubai tower The Torch has refuted claims that there had been ongoing problems with the fire alarm system when the blaze broke out on Saturday.
All are now liable to be hit by the fines under West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service's automatic fire alarm policy.
Malloy, a lobbyist for Aquarion Water Company, allegedly pulled a fire alarm, cutting short debate over whether the town should purchase the company.
Fire crews across the country received more than 54,000 automatic false fire alarms in the past five years - one every 48 minutes on average.
Residents need to be responsive to fire alarms because it is not necessary that they are tested all the time.
The decision was taken to stop 95% of false alarms which are received annually to automatic fire alarms on Merseyside.
Nigel Dennison, watch manager at Middlesbrough fire station, said: "There is still quite a lot of properties in Middlesbrough that do not have fire alarms.
It is so important that fire alarms are fitted correctly.
CDS Security & Fire, Durham, fitted the fire alarms.
Thursday, resulting in the sounding of fire alarms and brief evacuations.
The gym, fine arts building and library were among six college buildings with no working fire alarms at various times over two years.
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