call box

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a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

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It is the alarm box runner's duty in an emergency to proceed to the nearest street fire alarm box to provide a backup alarm in case the internal systems have failed to alert the fire station.
fire alarm box 4 sounded across from City Hall, alerting firefighters to a blaze at the seven-story Knowles Building at Main and Chatham streets.
dispatched Fire Alarm Box 1438 for 266 Franklin St.
WORCESTER - The crackling, recorded voice of the fire dispatcher dispassionately "striking" Fire Alarm Box 1438 cut chillingly through the cold, starless night air.
Yesterday, on the ninth anniversary of the haunting tragedy, a crowd of about 700 gathered in tribute to the fallen firefighters who had responded to Fire Alarm Box 1438.
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