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Synonyms for fire

Synonyms for fire

the visible signs of combustion

powerful, intense emotion

passionate devotion to or interest in a cause or subject, for example

exceptional brightness and clarity, as of a cut and polished stone

liveliness and vivacity of imagination

to cause to burn or undergo combustion

to arouse the emotions of; make ardent

to discharge a gun or firearm


to release or cause to release energy suddenly and violently, especially with a loud noise

to launch with great force

to send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm

Synonyms for fire

the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke

a fireplace in which a relatively small fire is burning

once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles)

feelings of great warmth and intensity

fuel that is burning and is used as a means for cooking

Related Words

a severe trial

intense adverse criticism

start firing a weapon


Related Words

bake in a kiln so as to harden

go off or discharge

drive out or away by or as if by fire

provide with fuel


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17 ( ANI ): Angry protestors marched to Downing Street from the Home Office headquarters, chanting against Prime Minister Theresa May over the deadly Grenfell Tower fire disaster
The existence of the PSBRU - known also as 'the Bradford Burns Unit' - stands as a lasting memorial, and a living legacy, of the Fire Disaster.
He is the founder and president of Turkish transplantation Society, the Turkish Burn and Fire Disaster Society, the Middle East Burn and Fire Disaster Society, and the Founder President of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation.
The protesters have demanded of Sindh Government to release the compensation money of their heirs martyred in Malir Bus fire disaster.
Summary: Italy on Monday raised the confirmed death toll from a ferry fire disaster to eight and said it was seeking to account for more than 40 people thought to be aboard based on passenger and crew lists.
To correct these inefficiencies, an emergency disaster cap account would be used in the event of a serious fire disaster.
Civil defense officials in Makkah averted a fire disaster in King Khalid Street on Tuesday night after a tanker loaded with petrol crashed into another petroleum tanker in a tunnel spilling fuel on to the road and the nearby surrounding areas.
Primary Court settles fire disaster claim Muscat: On the directives of the Omani Primary Court, Oman Fibre Optic Company and Muscat Insurance Company have agreed to settle the most expensive fire disaster claim in the Sultanate.
Among the topics are the mechanical analysis of a cement stabilized macadam base course under heavy load, a numerical study on the effect of a fire shutter and smoke curtain on smoke ventilation in a fire disaster at a subway station, a primary vertical temperature distribution model of a concrete dam during construction based on distributed optical fiber measuring temperature, combining constructed wetlands and oxidation ponds for treating wastewater in riparian wetlands of Hongze lake, and a comprehensive benefit evaluation system of different water-saving rice cultivation patterns in the seasonal-drought hilly region of southern China.
FA chiefs who wanted to charge Bradford City to display a flag honouring the 56 killed in the Valley Parade fire disaster should hang their heads in shame.
BRADFORD will pay tribute to the fans who lost their lives in the Valley Parade fire disaster at Wembley this weekend by wearing specially-made tracksuit tops with the number 56 and the words 'Always With Us' embroidered on the front.
Larimer County has since opened the High Park Fire Disaster Recovery Center at the Colorado State University Campus.
All roads leading to Villaggio Mall were choked for hours soon after the news of the fire disaster spread among the country's residents.
Haydarpasa Train Station had witnessed a sabotage in 1917, a tanker disaster in 1979 and a fire disaster in 2010, wrote the newspapers.
UP TO 2,000 people stood in silence yesterday to mark the 25th anniversary of the Bradford City fire disaster, which left 56 football fans dead.