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the department of local government responsible for preventing and extinguishing fires

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This federal funding will provide fire departments with critical support to enhance training operations and purchase life-saving equipment that will help keep Virginians safe, the Senators said.
Beset by revelations of harassment, discrimination and hazing on the job, the Los Angeles Fire Department has a new problem: The number of women and African-American recruits hired has dropped significantly.
Louis and Philadelphia fire departments over the course of eighty years seems an extraordinary amount of work for so little pay-off, but it does give this book its old "new social history" credentials.
The Fire Department of New York should consider overhauling its operations, says a new report co-authored by the FDNY and consulting firm McKinsey & Company.
Another reason for establishing a foundry fire brigade is that often the municipal fire department is too far from the foundry to provide adequate service.
First, following a 1995 audit, a management consulting firm predicted that without additional resources, both the police and fire departments would be unable to serve the community effectively in the future.
The initiative is the company's nationwide commitment to provide needed equipment, training, and community education programs to fire departments and other fire service organizations.
Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine announced $3,122,210 million in federal funding for five Virginia fire departments through Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Just days after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana, urban search-and-rescue teams from Los Angeles city and county fire departments boarded cargo trucks and buses and drove for 36 hours until they reached the Gulf Coast.
Markey along with Representatives Jim McGovern, Mike Capuano, and Bill Keating announced today that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded five fire departments in Massachusetts nearly $2.
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health issued a report in May citing Foster's death and calling for fire departments across the country to stop placing firefighters on truck tailboards.
Installed in some of the largest and most complex fire departments in the country, CompuDyne's CAD system is designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of fire dispatch operations.
Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow today announced a $497,160 regional award for 20 fire departments in West Michigan to help purchase equipment.
Foster prompted a safety study that calls for fire departments nationwide to end the practice of riding on the tailboard of fire trucks and to implement other safety measures.
We are honored to have worked with the City of Cleveland Fire Department in developing this creative solution during the past twelve months, and we are looking forward to serving other fire departments across the nation in their preparation against bio-chemical weapons, "Brooks added.