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Synonyms for firebird

the male is bright red with black wings and tail

tropical American flycatcher found as far north as southern Texas and Arizona

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The same can be seen when the grill in the garden morphs into a fire bird with a matching table and stools.
Vaguely organic, vaguely retro, these lamps from Fire Bird put the modern in modernist.
Ten musical pieces each had their own enchantment and my colleague, Christopher Morley, would not doubt have found much to praise in the technical execution of Stravinsky's The Fire Bird, Ravel's Mother Goose Suite (played with an elegant unsentimental clarity) and Vivaldi's Four Seasons with its dazzling violin solo by Robert Gibbs.
At the moment, everything is racing away, including the weeds, from the dark- eyed, pinky-red potentilla, Craigieburn Cochineal, to the show-stopper Crocosmia Fire Bird that really does look like some exotic bird flying out of bulrushes.
Birmingham's Christmas Parade will wind its way through the city centre on Saturday afternoon Father Christmas will lead a host of spectacular festive characters including Snow White, Peter Pan, Aladdin and the Polar Express with Fire Bird.
Distributors such as Fire Bird Distribution, ASBIS Middle East, Compunics Technologies, Platinum Micro, Tarsus Technologies, One World Computer Networks, Estishari for Computer Services, Al-Seera Group, Simurg Georgia, Simurg IT, Technostar, Simurg Distribution and Granada For Computer Innovation all took home something.