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a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


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This difference is also supported by previous studies showing that soprano pipistrelles are more frequently found in low salinity marine fiords compared to any other water source at these latitudes (Michaelsen et al.
Speaking to Edvard Grieg, in "With Grieg in Fiord Country":
In the latest documentary in S4C's Gohebwyr (Correspondents) series on Sunday night, the reporter will take us to the beautiful Chilean fiords in South America to relive a tumultuous episode in the lives of his grandfather and grandmother.
The last time I saw bowheads was while hunting caribou and seals with Inuits around Baffin Island's mountainous fiords.
TERRAIN: mountains, glaciers, meadows, volcanoes, lava fields, beaches, bays and fiords
Mountains rise to about 2,000 meters along the edge, giving rise to a series of fiords that have earned the peninsula the title of the 'Norway of the Middle East'.
In past years, retailers such as fiords from, Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, QVC and HSN have secured partnerships with Discover Beauty brands and this year will continue in the same vein.
I loved using the running machine watching the fiords go past as we sailed out of Oslo, or the little islands of the archipelago as we steamed in to Turku, the pretty former capital of Finland.
The spectacular coastline is richly hued, dotted with islands and fiords that were once all land-based mountains and rivers.
000 years ago, and retreating glaciers created a mosaic landscape of countless islands, bays and fiords in which new species developed rapidly - geologically speaking.
The scientists investigated this unexplored mechanism by using mesh traps to collect particles of marine snow sinking in Clayoquot Sound off Vancouver, Canada, where fiords extend into the ocean.
DRAMATIC glaciers, steep cliff-bound fiords, volcanoes and crashing oceans - New Zealand certainly isn't short of stunning landscapes.
However, there are exceptions: scientific cruises or those who prefer to travel and enjoy the Patagonian fiords with their wild life.