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a native or inhabitant of Finland

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The most common problems experienced by Finns pertained to travel documents.
They reported that Finland's Swedish-speaking minority of 5 per cent would be beaten up in the streets of Helsinki for speaking their language; their neighbour was 'turning inwards' and other parties should be 'ashamed' for even contemplating working with the 'anti-Europe, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, xenophobic' True Finns.
Jim Finn often gets emotional when he opens this 96-page volume and looks at the faces of firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty.
The results also showed that fewer people than ever want the country to leave the EU and that Finns hope that the EU will protect the country against threats from countries outside the Union.
Older Finns use new technology more than the European Union average, according to a poll carried out by SeniorWatch.
One of the continuing court cases stemming from the death of Hugh Finn, the man with severe disabilities who died in 1998 when his wife ordered his feeding tube removed, was resolved March 3 when the Virginia Supreme Court upheld Gov.
HW brands are seen as deserving their higher unit prices due to their 'wellness factor' and Finns are happy to stump up the money.
A recent poll carried out for the European Parliament's bureau of information and the Finnish television channel MTV3 shows that 55% of Finns want a referendum while 41% think that a vote is not needed.
Twice the Canadians would come back to tie, 1-1 and 2-2, but 17 seconds into the third period, the Finns scored again on a power play.
According to the survey, one in four Finns say that they can identify with the EU while three in four say that they do not feel that it concerns them.
The Finn Brothers, currently on their first tour since the breakup of Crowded House, say they eventually may miss their former collaborators.
Nearly half of Finns support an enlargement while younger Finns are more positive than older Finns.
The songs on ``The Finn Brothers'' are sonic hybrids of the Finns' work with the quirky '80s group Split Enz and the charmed folk/pop of ``Woodface,'' the 1991 Crowded House album that featured their close-as-kin harmonies.
Finns living in Sweden intend to take part in the Finnish parliamentary election as candidates for the Swedish people's party in Finland.
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