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one of two branches of the Finno-Ugric languages

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Among these are 2 Finno-Permic, 6 Finno-Maric, 7 Finno-Mordvinic, 10 FinnoSaamic, 31 Finnic stems and 1 South-Finnic stem.
Oinas conducts a comparative analysis of postpositional cases in Finnic languages.
The etymological links within Sinitic were first made by Sino-etymologists; the etymological links within Indo-European were first made by Western etymologists; the etymological link among Sinitic 767D, Finnic (valge/.
In all Finnic languages featuring gradation, geminate stops and single stops that are intervocalic or follow a voiced consonant undergo gradation (Laanest 1975 : 66).
The Finnic people have a custom to bring home birch saplings and green branches for spring/summer festivities, especially for Midsummer Day.
In this case the date of the word and the term suit too: the word has been taken over at the time when the letter 'h' at the beginning of a word was not used in the Finnic languages (before the first centuries AD) and the initial form of the word, that has spread in Estonia has actually been iid/iis.
It is also present in the Finnic languages; the Sami -m (borram 'food' < borrat 'to eat', aellem 'life' < aellet 'to live'), the Mari -m, -ma, -ma, -mo, Udm.
mean'die', whereas the Finnic cognates are derived adjectives such as Fi jamea and jamakka with meanings such as 'stiff' and 'sturdy'.
The present study demonstrates that rhyme correspondences also exist between Sinitic and Finnic (with extension to some other Uralic) languages.
Fi aita 'fence' has cognates in all Finnic languages except for Livonian, and its PFi form can be reconstructed as *aita.
Saami, Finnic, Mordvin, Mari, Permic, Khanty, Mansi, and Hungarian; a number of new Samoyed etymologies have been presented by Aikio (2002; 2006).
According to grammars it includes all Finnic and Sami languages, Moksha, Udmurt, Nganasan, Hungarian and Mansi.