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bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

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is described using interpolation functions and a finite number of parameters in nodes which represent primary unknowns in the finite element method.
Also, periodic samplings with a finite number of (random or not) missing samples verify [C.
Nash proved that there is always at least one such equilibrium for games with a finite number of strategic choices.
Each hospital has a finite number of beds and people still need help when they are full.
While men continually produce sperm, unlike women who are born with a finite number of eggs, the number they produce is determined by factors outside their control.
It is a far superior tactic to determine where your portfolio of solutions has the best fit and then pursue a finite number of acquisitions or programs that embody these requisite solutions.
k] are quantized into a finite number of values, the lookup decision tables U and G have finite numbers of control values.
It seems counter-intuitive to think that the center of a group G, Z(G), may have an infinite number of generators, while G itself has only a fixed finite number of generators.
There's only a finite number of mass transit contracts out there and the cars have a 30-year life span.
There's only so many hours in the day, and there are just a finite number of hours for people to entertain themselves.
The theory that female mammals are born with a finite number of germ cells (oocytes) has been accepted as an unquestionable truth for over 50 years.
First, it posits a finite number of terrorists who can be lured to one place and killed.
The original version of the Banach-Tarski (BT) paradox shows how a solid sphere can be sliced into a finite number of point sets that can be shifted about to make two balls identical in shape and size to the original