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the end (tip) of a finger

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The Photos at your Fingertips report includes 27 charts and 13 tables.
RAY: If you want to endanger some more fingertips, you can go to a junk yard and pull a window motor off a "retired'' Subaru, and hope it doesn't have the same problem.
The surgery saved her fingertips and since then it has started recovering, they said.
Ito said that when they blocked the Wnt-signaling pathway in mice with amputated fingertips, the nail and bone did not regenerate back.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The intricate properties of the fingertips have been mimicked and recreated using semiconductor devices in what researchers hope will lead to the development of advanced surgical gloves.
1 For neck massage, rest both of your elbows on a firm surface, such as a table, and use the fingertips of one hand to support your head.
Summary: Extra warnings will be put on buggies amid fears they can cut off children's fingertips, UK company Maclaren has said.
A BUGGY that has sliced off children's fingertips is still on sale in the UK.
For a period of six months, customers of Albert Heijn will be able to pay for their shopping using their fingertips.
The ridges give your fingertips texture, and they contain sweat glands (sweat-making organs under the skin) that make your fingertips slightly moist.
The system measures and displays any minute force from the fingertips of a surgeon (operator) manipulating a very thin wire, which is only 0.
Put your hands behind your head with fingertips lightly touching behind your neck.
My mom always made sure we got some of that water, handing off the holy drops from her fingertips if we neglected to bless ourselves on the way in.
Jazz 'n Rags at Your Fingertips, Books 14; Folk Songs 'n Favorites at Your Fingertips, Books 1-4, edited by Janet Vogt.
As she showed the walks, with her arm outstretched as if holding the candle, you could almost see the electricity or "sonar pulses" radiating from her chest, fingertips, and feet.