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the end (tip) of a finger

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And it was found that certain vibrations from the patterned fingertip are 100 times stronger than those from the smooth fingertip.
Not only will our data management and processing capabilities be vastly improved, but also system users-- students, faculty and staff--will have more services at their fingertips.
With Neighborhood Navigator, a real estate brokerage can put geographically relevant comparative home sales data right at the fingertips of potential customers, and position itself as the most attractive option when it comes time for a seller to select a listing agent.
The Harmony 885 remote includes support for Teletext by providing dedicated buttons that correspond with the red, green, yellow and blue functions, putting complete control at people's fingertips.
Jackson adds, "Power Metrics will put the power of knowledge at the fingertips of hospital executives, increasing the value of the organization and allowing decision makers to truly run the entire hospital in a more informed, strategic way.
HK Bain, Digitech Systems' CEO, remarked: "In a world where print data streams are increasingly prevalent, Report Management on ImageSilo allows you to process volumes of information seamlessly within your document and content management system placing it at your fingertips through your web browser.
Quality of technology, quality of products, quality of service and perhaps most importantly, quality of the image itself - the level of detail and clarity of the live scan image capture whether for hand, palm or fingertips.
Now, for the first time, Home Diagnostics will offer patients the ability to draw a blood sample from their forearm, in addition to traditional fingertip tests.
We are now addressing critical issues more rapidly and with greater confidence as we now have up-to-the-minute, in depth information at our fingertips.
Guests can obtain location-based information at their fingertips via SIP-based IP phones from Pingtel Corp.
Fingertips Lab has released pre-orders for its personal mobile interface O6, an all-access controller to connect via Bluetooth to any iPhone, allowing users to browse, operate and toggle between virtually every app and platform at the touch of a finger and completely eyes-free, the company said.
This problem already almost cost me my fingertips, so you've got to help me.
8 OUT OF 10 CATS DOES COUNTDOWN (Channel 4, Friday, 9pm) THE dictionary will be at the ready as Jon Richardson and Sean Lock battle it out once more to see who has the ultimate word power and number magic at their fingertips.
After two coats, it almost looks like I''ve dipped my fingertips in snow.
After two coats, it almoslooks like I''ve dipped my fingertips in snow.