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the nail at the end of a finger

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The most common causes of yellow or brown fingernails are the frequent use of nail polish and cigarette smoking.
The surface of your fingernails and toenails is uneven and ridged.
Onychomycosis is a chronic mycotic infection of fingernails and toenails that affects the quality of life in a significant proportion.
It may be attributed to Bell's eye phenomenon, turning eyeballs upwards while eyes getting closed and poking of eyes from temporal aspect with untrimmed fingernails during play and/or fist of anger.
HEAVY twins, skinny waists and the world's longest fingernails are just some of the bizarre records awarded since the launch of the Guinness World Records book 60 years ago.
The fingernails hold eighty percent of bodily grime, he was told, and lucky for him, saliva is a strong acidic force.
Fingernails can be set in diamonds and other precious stones and those with individual designs often sell for many thousands of pounds.
Q Sometimes I notice that my fingernails and the skin on my fingertips have a bluish tint.
Additionally, the nail cutter is said to cut fingernails cleanly and precisely, eliminating the need for filing.
The Beauty Connection Spa and KOKO Nail set a new record for the most nails filed totalling 50,080 and varnished fingernails of 5,108 people.
20 ( ANI ): False fingernails, called "Elektra Nails", recently launched with a capacitive tip to use them on smartphones or tablet screens just like a stylus, are said to be manicure-friendly.
Swedish high jumper Emma Green-Tregaro, who painted her fingernails in the colours of the rainbow flag in support of Russia's gay community, has been told not to repeat the gesture in Saturday's world championship final.
When I said that would not happen she went on about blood in her fingernails and how it took her ages to get it out.
BRITAIN'S got talons judging by how much women blow on their fingernails each year.
Two maids in Fujairah stand accused of putting the health of their boss and her daughter at risk by slipping urine, fingernails and eyelashes into their dinner.