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the nail at the end of a finger

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Scott Mullins was arrested seven months after tests showed that DNA from blood and a broken fingernail found in the victim's apartment matched his.
Deputies responded and found signs of a ferocious struggle - broken pieces of acrylic fingernails, bloodstains and clumps of hair.
Deputies responded and found only broken pieces of acrylic fingernails, bloodstains and clumps of hair.
It can affect toenails, fingernails or both, causing the nails to become discolored, thick, brittle and sometimes detached from the nail bed.
Millions of sports fans will remember FloJo as the unbeatable sprinter with the long red, white and blue fingernails.
A triple gold medalist at the Seoul Olympics and still the fastest woman ever, ``FloJo'' was known as much for her skintight running suits, her flowing hair and her glittering fingernails as her stunning times.
against a teacher who cut a student's fingernails without permission from the girl's parents have been dropped.
Lessons are reasonable, and the guys working there are friendly and helpful as you cling to the tiniest knob of rock, literally hanging on by your fingernails.
Previously, elongated, slender fingernails have only been reported in single patients with either Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, (11) hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, (13) or Marfan syndrome.
What do human fingernails have in common with a peacock's feathers?
Note: Jane's fingernails are not as opulent as Donyale's.
THE family of a pensioner attacked by a careworker who ripped out her fingernails today vowed to fight to ensure no other elderly people suffer the same way.
One had black fingernails and was leather, fingerless gloves.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Long fingernails spread nosocomial infections, Dr.
Did you know that your fingernails and toenails are made of the same stuff as your hair?