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a cosmetic lacquer that dries quickly and that is applied to the nails to color them or make them shiny

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Only in the distant future will a last vestige of deviance be betrayed, the day a child climbs upon grandpa's knee to inquire why there's fingernail polish remover in the freezer.
Enter Kravas, sporting hot pink high-tops, matching fingernail polish, bright red lipstick, and a short-sleeved, thigh-length black dress cinched at the waist.
The only way carbs are going to get cleaned properly is to run them in a sonic cleaner with a strong detergent, then clean the orifices with spray carb cleaner, air-pressure clean them and seal the main emulsion tube where it comes into the venturi with LocTite or fingernail polish.
To win, he matched a green pumpkin Yamamoto Shad Shape worm with a jighead he painted red with his wife's fingernail polish.
Erenberger, who as a teen preferred the goth look with purple hair and black fingernail polish, had surprised her mother by signing up to join the Army even before she'd finished her senior year at Willamette High School, Hannah said.
In Japan, keep your makeup and jewelry minimal: no colored fingernail polish, and perhaps only a not-too-flashy strand of pearls.
The state of California is now regulating consumer products that contain VOCs--and aerosol sprays are not the only targets: Fingernail polish, perfumes, mouthwashes, pump hair sprays, and roll-on and stick deodorants also emit them.
Then I added Crimson Trace laser grips and took some white fingernail polish and touched the back two tips of the rear sight and front tip of the front sight.
Soon, Bok put his mother's fingernail polish on the lamp and began doodling.
The section on diagnostic devices cites fingernail polish as a factor that can interfere with pulse oximeter measurements.
The SunPEARL Shadows pigment portfolio is designed for cosmetic formulations including eye shadow, fingernail polish, and lipstick.
In some cultivars of Begonia, stomates occur in clusters ranging from one to as many as ten (Payne, 1970) and these can be seen by a permanent preparation of a microscope slide as a fingernail polish imprint (Sampson, 1961) as shown in Figure 1.
Sporting black fingernail polish, she put the finishing touches on another lackluster performance, this time at the Samsung World Championship at Big Horn Golf Club.
Every aspect of her look, from the fingernail polish to the make of her mobile phone, is forensically researched; every detail of her image, down to the thumb slotted into the belt and the pouty 'wah-mah' slightly open mouth, is studied.
If stubborn stains persist, a solvent--such as denatured alcohol, fingernail polish remover, mineral spirits, or paint thinner--may be used.