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Synonyms for glove


Synonyms for glove

the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters

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I also like leg warmers, fingerless gloves, visors and open-toed wellies.
He was last seen wearing a heavy, oversized tan coat, blue pants and fingerless gloves.
She is thought to have been wearing a grey hooded top with blue or black jeans and black fingerless gloves.
This survey is about as pointless as fingerless gloves and West Brom would much rather get their mitts on safety than the honour of Winter Warriors.
Amazing Baby's Infinite Fucking Cross EP and the album they're recording are psychedelic and spacey, but they're also bulky, acerbic and arrogant, like a teamster with tie-dyed fingerless gloves.
As she left Jay-Z's New York apartment yesterday, she wore a black leather ensemble which included black fingerless gloves -- covering up any possible wedding ring she may have been wearing.
There were fingerless gloves to be found and mended, candle lanterns to be dug out of the back of the shed, mushy peas to be soaked, sausages to be pricked, potatoes to be wrapped in silver paper.
Etre Touchy gloves provide the best of both worlds, giving you the warmth and dryness of a normal pair of gloves combined with the gadget-compatibility of a pair of fingerless gloves.
TRY Joy Louche blue coat, pounds 99, fingerless gloves, pounds 18, and bobble hat, pounds 18.
95) covering everything from mittens and muffs to evening and driving gloves, fingerless gloves and more.
Ribbed wool fingerless gloves, pounds 4, Marks & Spencer
The solution is Handcuffs - a sweatshirt with roll-down cuffs that convert into fingerless gloves.
The short fingerless gloves were unveiled at the start of the show in a teasing reveal as the dancers coyly peeled off the shoulder-length satin gloves they'd walked out in to show the skimpy latex gloves underneath.