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Synonyms for glove


Synonyms for glove

the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters

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I have to wear fingerless gloves indoors, which sometimes attracts intrusive comments from people who think it's strange.
The Black Widow Natasha Romanoff Cosplay Costume embodies the appeal of this intense character and includes a black sackcloth jumpsuit with leather details, black leather belt with black buckle, two black leather belt with bags, black leather fingerless gloves, black leather arm bands, and a pair of black leather shoe covers.
That was a time of great taste - shoulder pads, big earrings and fingerless gloves were in, although not sported by Weld at Ballybrit, and Chris de Burgh was number one with The lady in Red.
It will be dressed in the 80-year-old's signature tailored black jacket, white high-collar shirt, black jeans, necktie, black ankle boots and fingerless gloves.
As a tattooed Moll, she swaggers through the play with a cigarette clenched in her mouth, head cocked and sporting a variety of fetching Vivienne Westwood inspired gear including bowler hat, waistcoat, flashes of tartan and leather fingerless gloves.
15 ( ANI ): Surgeons have warned that although fingerless gloves leave fingers exposed for texting in winters, they can also lead to permanent loss of fingers due to frostbite and even amputations.
He added a pair of fingerless gloves, mismatched shoes and plastic bags for socks.
We love a good whinge about being too cold, proclaiming to everyone that our winter coats are out of storage and we even one woman typing away wearing fingerless gloves like something out of A Christmas Carol.
The man was wearing a light blue cycle top, grey T-shirt, black cycle shorts, white trainers and white socks, black fingerless gloves, and a light blue Giro cycle helmet.
There are innumerable mentions of pink overcoats, fingerless gloves, black lace and sky-high heels, all wearable relic-tributes to Ms.
Kafs Collections white gold fingerless gloves set with 3.
Hand crocheted fingerless gloves keep your hands warm, while leaving your fingers free for other use.
The Max Headroom Show Channel Four, 1985-1986 Along with those Frankie Says Relax T-shirts and day-glo fingerless gloves, was there anything so utterly '80s as this computer generated talking head?
99 screwdriver, a set of picture frames costing pounds 276, training courses provided by a Swedish company at a cost of more than pounds 13,000 and fingerless gloves bought for pounds 7.
The shopkeeper could only describe one of the suspects as in his late teens, about 5ft 9ins tall and wearing a dark hooded top, a facial covering, dark bottoms and black fingerless gloves.