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Synonyms for glove


Synonyms for glove

the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters

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So put on your fingerless gloves and jump on your Choppers and pop a wheelie with NATHAN BEVAN as he takes a tongue-in-cheek jaunt down memory lane.
CREAM crochet-knit set from John Lewis: hat, pounds 8; scarf, pounds 10, and fingerless gloves, pounds 8
Material girl Madge looks great in this Dolce & Gabbana pencil skirt and toughens up with a leather jacket and fingerless gloves.
She was pictured recently wearing an exact copy of the black corset, hot pants, white jacket and black fingerless gloves that Posh wore earlier in the year.
When the police raided the house in Major Street, Darlington, after a week's watch they found a stack of fingerless gloves, cocaine, a ballbearing gun, electronic scales, and traces of cocaine in the kitchen and dining room.
Her accessories include a Ruby Gloom bag, black leather fingerless gloves and assorted pin badges.
Unfortunately, he wore fingerless gloves and left his finger prints behind.
That dubious honour had to go to fingerless gloves which, previously the preserve of tramps and body-builders, became the must-have on every Christmas list.
The Handcuffs brand and sweatshirt line, which debuted in 1998, features extended cuffs which when unrolled become fingerless gloves, with a hole in the right place for your thumb to go through.
Now 53, Madge is still stepping out in the fingerless gloves - they're to hide her veiny hands now, rather than a style statement.
She looked comfortable in an off-the-shoulder white jersey with a massive red heart print on it, and paired the jumper with skinny jeans, brown boots and fingerless gloves.
Soft, durable and easy to maintain, No Slip Charlie(TM) is a pair of fingerless gloves that promote bath safety by providing a secure gripping surface while leaving parents' fingers free to wash hair and make skin contact with the baby.
Her constant reinvention has taken her from backcombed hair and fingerless gloves in the 80s to her most recent incarnation as a leotard-clad disco diva.
Fingerless gloves were the must-have fashion accessory for girls.
He was wearing a black puffa jacket and blue jeans, trainers, a black balaclava and fingerless gloves.