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a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger


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a narrow strip of wood on the neck of some stringed instruments (violin or cello or guitar etc) where the strings are held against the wood with the fingers

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Fingerboarding is just like skateboarding," says Noah McKiernan of Tech Deck, the fingerboard maker that hosted the competition.
Novato, California's Modulus, for one, offers several certified woods for the necks, fingerboards and bodies of their electric guitars and basses; their handmade instruments blend sustainably harvested granadillo, chechen, red cedar, chakte kok and soma with high-tech carbon fiber.
Changing the angle of the neck by turning an adjusting screw, called a truss rod, enabled a customized fingering action, governed by the space between the strings and the fingerboard, through most of the range of the fingerboard.
Now fingerboards are turning their teensy wheels toward Scotland.
necks, fretted fingerboards, soundboards, and elements that make up the instrument's body, all at various stages of formation and finishing.
Twenty-six inch maple necks with 24 frets and rosewood fingerboards
A small room in the company headquarters had been filled with fingerboards and used in their ad campaign over the past several years.
The MT-4 includes ebony fingerboards, pegs and tailpiece with four tuners and comes with Supersensitive strings and a German bridge.
Musical instruments and parts for instruments -- especially points of stress, such as fingerboards and tuning pegs -- have long been made of ebony, which joined rosewood as a wood of choice for many instruments and parts.
A partnership has been formed between two of the hottest phenomena to hit the world of kids' toys: Fingerboards have hooked up with Pokemon.
TTS Energy products include drilling rig control systems, top drives, traveling blocks, automated pipe handling, iron rough necks, drawworks, derrick structures, drill floor tools, fingerboards, BOP handling equipment, deadline anchors, and drill line spoolers.
It features a laminated maple back and sides, as well as ebony fingerboards, pegs and a tailpiece with four runners.
New to toy stores and attracting crowds on the West Coast are Tech Deck Fingerboards, miniature tabletop skateboards that look like the real thing but are operated with fingers rather than feet.
When dyed black, it can be used to make piano keys and violin and guitar fingerboards.