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the finger next to the thumb

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Dr Sharon Hopkins, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board's director of public health, said: "We want to do this through cultural change, not through finger-wagging and fines.
That keeps finger-wagging to a minimum, but it would have been nice to have come away with a clearer notion of what the mixed-race Walker-Pearlman (his grandma was a Harlem activist and his uncle is Gene Wilder) thinks about the subject.
Tempers frayed following the opening race when, as the runners were pulling up, TV viewers saw Murphy, who rode the David Pipe-trained winner Pauillac, finger-wagging at Moloney, the rider of runner-up Junior.
Known for his finger-wagging, confrontational style and nicknamed the "Old Crocodile" for his feared temper, Botha served as head of the white racist government from 1978 to 1989.
An important lesson that we have all learned from the Congressional Hearings on the Hill in March '05 regarding steroids in Major League Baseball is that weak checks and balances, finger-wagging disciplinary stunts, and public relations smoke screens in lieu of serious, properly implemented drug testing is a recipe for disaster.
I think the most important thing we have seen from Simon is that he is made of the right stuff having recovered from his knee injury,' said Gatting, whose 1987 finger-wagging showdown with Pakistani umpire Shakoor Rana is the stuff of legend.
Now, my prediction here has less to do with finger-wagging at elite institutions and any lack of moral or social conscience, than it has to do with the problems inherent in the conflict between universal accessibility and the sustained quality of a higher education across all types of IHEs.
But Sullum insists he's not obsessed with the finger-wagging pundit.
Without this element of pure affirmation and the fetishism of perf ectly finished design objects in Elmgreen & Dragset's work, it could all easily become too dry and finger-wagging.
There's no spin, no finger-wagging politicians; it will really be a portrait of some of the candidates who have experience on the front line," said Mr Loach.
The most striking feature, "S'ter Says," appears every few pages as an icon of everyone's favorite habited, finger-wagging, grammar school nun.
There's also finger-wagging about cases where major corporations offer a risk-free platinum carrot to recruit an outsider as CEO.
If a politician or other public figure cheats on his or her spouse, there is a certain amount of finger-wagging but apparently little surprise among the British public.
Lewis classic is light, bright and funny where it ought to be, but also mindful of deeper, spiritual currents without ever resorting to finger-wagging sermons.