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the finger next to the thumb

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John Bercow, who resigned as work and pensions secretary last year in a row over Iain Duncan Smith's opposition to child adoption by homosexuals, said Conservatives must ``relegate to the dustbin of history the finger-wagging tendency in our party'' and embrace a modernising agenda.
The SFA insider said: "Ian was more laid back at the start of the season but he's been advised that there's nothing wrong with the occasional finger-wagging in public if it helps keep the players in check.
In other countries she would have been sent home with more than a finger-wagging in her face.
That's the case with ``Down in the Delta,'' which is basically the kind of finger-wagging problem film that's meant to instruct more than entertain.
Lecturing us all on social mobility when you're a toff with millions in the bank is one thing, finger-wagging us about the 'who you know' culture is another - particularly when you owe your own career rise to posh family friends.
No one wants to listen to finger-wagging lectures at this time of year.
What the Prime Minister needs is a good finger-wagging nanny to tell him that if he does not eat up his greens, his hair won't curl.
Given America's current climate of sexual finger-wagging, maybe this duality could furnish ``fofo: EchoGreco'' with a slightly firmer conceptual spine.
Short skirts, plunging tops and five inch heels are not appropriate for climbing the career ladder," say the finger-wagging sages of the unerotic style mode.
And that led to a finger-wagging session between the two managers at the end of the match.
He was given a finger-wagging by police and a written warning by the NWDA.
WE live in an age of green finger-wagging, where there is always some self-righteous soul happy to tell the rest of us that unless we change our wasteful ways we're all doomed.
When they are arrested by police they receive a finger-wagging or are sent to residential schools with weekends off and they return with brand new clothes, pocket money and tales of days out at our expense.
All the goals came in a blistering second half which had nerves on both teams at such a high point of anxiety that, as the final whistle went, even managers Glenn Hoddle and Joe Kinnear joined in the action standing toe-to-toe at the entrance to the tunnel in a finger-wagging contest.
Kurtz's First Amendment finger-wagging is laudable, but the excuses he makes for Stern are untrue.