index finger

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the finger next to the thumb

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At one point, the royal resorted to a little finger wagging to persuade winner Alex Logan not to bring up the subject of his naked romp in Las Vegas.
It is time tough action was taken against these criminals as well as the young rioters who will probably get some serious finger wagging and told not to do it again.
Summary: Dropping bombs as a solution to the world's trouble spots may be falling out of fashion (with the notable exception of Libya), but finger wagging is definitely back in.
Singh from Cameron has been described as 'friendly, not finger wagging,' by officials who are anxious to develop British trade relationship with India.
He is eaten alive by finger wagging Rebecca and leopard skin-wearing Francesca.
No more glib moralising, no more hypocritical finger wagging.
When all the pomp and ceremony is taking place, I still feel a great big finger wagging at me saying: 'You should be grateful, my girl.
Well, his finger wagging at parents is persuasive: "The sense of entitlement, the sense that because we once dominated global commerce and geopolitics .
It's absolutely settled law that Social Security is two unrelated schemes," he said, looking ominously over his half-glasses, his index finger wagging.