index finger

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the finger next to the thumb

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Their funny finger wagging comes with a great deal of experience.
Alarm bells rang like klaxons and I set off on a finger wagging tirade about internet safety.
There was no finger wagging when former pro basketball star Dikembe Mutombo guided U.
This time the nanny-staters have honed in on Santa for a bit of finger wagging and tut-tutting.
If your daughter does have real feelings for this woman and it's more than sexual exploration then your foot-stomping and finger wagging won't make a blind bit of difference, will it?
Well, his finger wagging at parents is persuasive: "The sense of entitlement, the sense that because we once dominated global commerce and geopolitics .
No more glib moralising, no more hypocritical finger wagging.
in circular and crooked lines like some witch 's finger wagging at them in their dreams.
It's absolutely settled law that Social Security is two unrelated schemes," he said, looking ominously over his half-glasses, his index finger wagging.
In the 1970s and particularly the 1980s under Mrs Thatcher we saw the growth of individualism, victim blaming and finger wagging, and if you were ill it was do with your unhealthy lifestyle and by implication you were to blame.