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the sound of light blow or knock

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In the active condition of the finger tapping task, patients were signalled, with the word 'tap', to tap the fingers of a given hand until instructed to stop.
4 shows a brain activation map where orange regions have greater activity during left hand finger tapping compared to right hand finger tapping, and vice versa for blue regions.
Hardly novices to the open road, this was the Bear's most extensive tour in their four-year career and proved not only to be successful in bringing their impeccable melodies, driving dance beats, and trademark Metallica-inspired finger tapping to curious chicos and chicas, but proved to be the creative source behind their sophomore release Menos El Oso.
But after just four short phone calls and a lot of finger tapping, Kerry's urges to light up have vanished.
After finger tapping activations of her acupressure meridians, she reported a shift in her pain that allowed her to return to the scenario and begin the release work.
The question is usually followed by folklore, wild guesses, and a lot of finger tapping, nail scraping, gouging, and eyeballing.
Assessment of fine motor abilities is determined by five tasks, (1) beads in box, (2) beads on rod, (3) finger tapping, (4) nut and bolt, (5) rod slide.
According to the paper, the image on the invitation, which shows a finger tapping an iPad, appears to suggest that the rumours are true.
We found that the five patients who received neurofeedback were able to increase activity in brain networks important for movements, and that this intervention resulted in an overall improvement in motor speed - in this case, finger tapping.
Unsure Speech Soft, monotonous, indistinct Anormal/Normal/ Unsure Gait Slow shuffle with short strides, lack of armswing, multistep turn (no swivel); particularly unsteady on Anormal/Normal/ walking backwards Unsure Hand tremor Uni- or bilateral, at rest or with action/postural Anormal/Normal/ maintenance Unsure Fine motor Slowing of movements such as dexterity * repetitive finger tapping, or repetitive fist opening Anormal/Normal/ and closing Unsure * Quantitative measurements for fine motor dexterity and finger tapping can be obtained by the use of a pegboard or timer.
To increase the power to detect effects of exposure between the AG and non-AG population, we derived a summary index of overall NB performance from 11 of the 16 NB test items (digit span forward, digit span reverse, progressive ratio, reaction time, selective attention interstimulus interval, serial digit learning, symbol-digit, preferred-hand finger tapping, nonpreferred-hand finger tapping, alternating-hand finger tapping, and continuous performance percent hits).
Put simply, it works by stimulating the body's natural and specific energy meridian points, with a patient finger tapping on various points of the body," Rachel said.
Top 10 most annoying habits (percentage of people who get annoyed by it) 1 Nose picking 59% 2 Snoring 55% 3 Teeth grinding 50% 4 Knuckle cracking 49% 5 Finger tapping 49% 6 Breaking wind 46% 7 Humming 38% 8 Leg jiggling 34% 9 Whistling 31% 10 Nail biting 29
Plenty of finger tapping and eyeball rolling atLiberal Democrat leader John Hemming's suggestion that a working party on gang culture and gun crime had taken evidence from a string of local authority jobsworths intent on explaining how well they were performing in order to justify their huge salaries.
IPX066 provided more than two additional hours of reduction in motor "off" time during waking hours as well as two to three hours of increasing duration of finger tapping speeds compared to Sinemet[R] (carbidopa-levodopa).