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the sound of light blow or knock

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Finger Tapping Test: Here the patient was asked to tap on keyboard of the calculator.
In order to control for possible confounds on SLT performance, the impact of nicotine on finger tapping was also tested with a two-way split-plot ANOVA with nicotine level as the between subjects factor and preversus post-nicotine administration as the within subjects factor (see Table 1 for descriptive data).
BOLD signal changes Talairach co-ordinates Brain region BA Voxels X Y Z Voxel T Finger tapping (right-hand) LH motor cortex BA 4 5 465 -43 -35 -21 14.
Body language Judi notes: "A practised liar may not squirm in their chair but watch for other signs of anxiety such as tell-tale foot or finger tapping or hand wringing as they answer your questions.
1 shows a simple block design finger tapping task, where subjects are instructed to either tap the fingers of their left hand against their left thumb, the fingers of their right hand against their right thumb, or rest.
A technology called "Skinput," developed by Carnegie Mellon PhD candidate Chris Harrison and team, uses bioacoustic sensors that can pick up the signature sounds of a finger tapping on specific locations on the skin.
DOODLE FIND, iPhone/iPod Touch, FREE THE fiendishly addictive Doodle Find invites iPhone owners to take part in a competition where hand-eye coordination and swift finger tapping could catapult you to the top of the Facebook chart.
asked Donia between numbers, finger tapping her cheek in little-girl coquettishness.
Her opening number, accompanied only by her finger tapping on the mic to create a simple but effective percussive noise, set the standard for a strangely mesmerising set.
Hardly novices to the open road, this was the Bear's most extensive tour in their four-year career and proved not only to be successful in bringing their impeccable melodies, driving dance beats, and trademark Metallica-inspired finger tapping to curious chicos and chicas, but proved to be the creative source behind their sophomore release Menos El Oso.
But after just four short phone calls and a lot of finger tapping, Kerry's urges to light up have vanished.
A multivariate analysis found two associations with increasing blood mercury: A 3% decline in performance on the Rey complex figure delayed recall (a test of visual memory), and a 2% improvement in performance on finger tapping (a test of manual dexterity).
The purpose of this study was to obtain normative data for a computerised finger-tapping instrument and to compare it to other traditional finger tapping devices.
After finger tapping activations of her acupressure meridians, she reported a shift in her pain that allowed her to return to the scenario and begin the release work.
The testings seemed endless and concluded with the Finger Tapping Test.