Fingal's Cave

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a large cave with basaltic pillars on Staffa island in Scotland

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MUST VISITS Fingal's Cave on Staffa, Fiona sits in eye of The Cobbler in the Arrochar Alps and, below, Crocodile Rock on Millport
SPECTACULAR SIGHT: Fingal's Cave on Staffa; OASIS OF TRANQUILITY: Isle of Mull at sunset; MAGICAL SPOT: Celtic cross at Iona Abbey
As often in his poetry, Saaritsa refers to composers and music, sometimes obliquely with lines like "I am empty as Fingal's cave.
FINGAL'S CAVE, Staffa, Inner Hebrides This sea cavern, more than 20m high, is formed of beautiful hexagonal basalt columns and arches and is one of the most majestic places in Scotland.
Mendelsson was said to be awestruck with Fingal's Cave on the island of Staffa.
Here we had the Egmont overture from Beethoven's 'middle period', and Mendelsohn's Hebrides overture, also known as Fingal's Cave.
Mendelssohn's Fingal's Cave, Beethoven's First Symphony and Faure's Pavane sit happily alongside Prokofiev's First (Classical) Symphony, Gareth Glyn's Legend of the Lake, and Seagull Nebula by Csanyi-Wills.
but can you to I took a cruise from Oban and had hoped to visit Iona to tour the monastery and Staffa to explore Fingal's Cave but the weather had other ideas.
In 1829, young Mendelssohn schlepped from Hamburg to the Hebrides to see Fingal's Cave, the inspiration for his ever-popular Hebridean Overture.
And we sailed to Fingal's Cave off the west coast of Scotland in a northerly gale with steep seas breaking over the boat.
Or another hop takes you to STAFFA - where you can visit the awe-inspiring basalt columns of Fingal's Cave.
The program will feature Beethoven's 8th Symphony, Concerto Da Camera for Flute and English Horn by Honegger, and Fingal's Cave Overture by Mendelssohn.
The HIGHLIGHT of a boat trip to the uninhabited island of Staffa is a close-up view of Fingal's cave.
He kept on well to beat Fingal's Cave, who was backed to 5-4 from 5-2 on course.